Driver_Power_state_failure only during PC restarts

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    Driver_Power_state_failure only during PC restarts

    Some restarts cause Driver_Power_state_failure on my new pc build. Please help me find the driver at fault.
    You can tell which restarts will result in a BSOD as applications feel laggy when scrolling through or playing games. A restart that causes the BSOD also takes ages to get off of the windows 10 restarting... screen until finally BSOD then starting up.

    I have tried reinstalling GPU drivers and the AMD chipset drivers but still receive this error. Windows device manager does not detect any faulty drivers.

    This is a new 3900x build, fresh install of windows. I am not sure what hardware or driver is causing this issue.

    minidump files:Rocketts Minidump files.7z
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    Please check Windows Update manually to ensure that you have ALL available updates

    You have 5 drives - I usually suggest checking the PSU if you have more than 3 (this is just a guess on my part).
    You can use the PSU tester in OCCT for starters (it's free): OCBASE / OCCT

    Quite a few Live Kernel Events in the WER section of MSINFO32. If not caused by the user forcing shutdowns, then they can be a symptom of a hardware issue.
    BUT, the memory dump analysis shows 5 memory dumps with 5 very similar STOP 0x9F errors
    Parameter 3 differs in one of the memory dumps, as does the "Probably caused by" entry
    Stack text on 3 of the memory dumps shows what appears to be transitions between user and kernel modes - and involvement of the amd_xata.sys driver

    The amd_xata.sys driver dates from 2015. Where did you get the update for the AMD chipset drivers from?
    amd_xata.sys                Thu Mar 19 02:43:10 2015 (550A6FFE)
    AMD Stor Filter Driver
    Also, as this is a new build, I strongly suggest reseating every single connection on the motherboard and the attached devices (using proper anti-static precautions while doing so). Ensure that the connections are properly connected (check the manual again please), and that they are firmly seated in the correct slots/connectors.

    There are also nVidiaand Intel chipset/storage drivers that show in the memory dumps (and they also date from 2015).
    Where did you get the installation media to install W10?

    i suggest using the free download from Microsoft (here: ) You'll download the Media Creation Tool and let it create the installation disk/drive for you. Then perform a clean install of W10 (this will wipe everything from the drive(s), so backup your stuff first).

    Then visit the MSI support website for your motherboard to update those drivers: Support For MEG X570 ACE | Motherboard - The world leader in motherboard design | MSI Global

    The final 2 steps (if the above stuff doesn't fix the BSOD's) would be to:
    1) Run Driver Verifier according to these instructions: Enable and Disable Driver Verifier in Windows 10
    2) I suggest :
    A) Memtest86 (not 86+): MemTest86 - Official Site of the x86 Memory Testing Tool

    B) SeaGate SeaTools for Windows (test ALL hard drives - HDD/SSD/USB/etc): How to use SeaTools for Windows | Seagate Support US

    C) Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool: Download Intel(R) Processor Diagnostic Tool
    Disregard if not using an Intel processor

    D) Furmark stress test for GPU: FurMark > Downloads
    Read the instructions carefully and watch your system when testing.
    If it starts spitting out problems and you can't shut it down - simply turn the system off/unplug it from the wall

    Read the instructions carefully and watch your system when testing.
    If it starts spitting out problems and you can't shut it down - simply turn the system off/unplug it from the wall

    Good luck!
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    AMD SATA driver (check in Snappy Driver Download)
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    PSU is fine, the test ran without problems.

    Re seated all components, even put new paste on the CPU now its using kryonaut instead of stock paste.

    My AMD drivers are from the official website, no idea why they're labled as from 2015. I do not remember where i got my boot drive installation from (making a fresh one now as i type this). The rest are from SDI which claims they're the latest ones.

    After all this, it still occurs. I'm not sure why everything becomes stuttery over time, windows explorer also slows down making drives impossible to open. Going to reinstall amd_sata drivers using SDI now thanks for the advice

    Installing new ram tomorrow, the current set isn't able to hit its advertised speeds, both XMP profiles make the PC unbootable, manual overclocking is very unstable. Not sure whats wrong with it, it works fine at its default speeds and timing.

    Also going to start fresh again, sell my sata SSD's and keep the NvME and 2 HDD's. Will keep here updated as things get swapped out/changed.

    Thanks for the advice so far

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have a suspicion there is something wrong with my motherboard now, no matter what ram i use, it won't boot when OC'd going to get a second board, will report back at a later date.

    Motherboard: MSI x570 ace bios version

    Tried hitting the CMOS button, rolling back to (couldn't get it to boot windows). Gonna stay away from MSI products in future and give the other brands a go.
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    Havenít had good luck with MSI boards at work. I donít build systems any more, and I no longer over clock - so I cant be of any help there.
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    Please don't use SDI, it is not adviced to use driver update programs as they tend to make things worse.
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