Two BSoDs in two weeks - hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe

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    Windows 10 Education

    Two BSoDs in two weeks - hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe

    Hello, I built my new PC almost 2 months ago. Since then no problems, no BSODs and generally everything was fine. First BSoD happened suddenly when I was playing Resident Evil 6 two weeks ago. After that I did sfc /scannow, chkdsk and Windows Memory Diagnostic, and they didn't give me any errors. I also increased my pagefile.sys, because I thought I was running out of memory. Sadly I don't have .dmp file, but I remember it was Page fault in nonpaged area caused by ntoskrnl.exe.

    Second BSoD happened yesterday. I was changing some settings in Realtek Control Panel (because my speakers weren't playing good, probably irrelevant), also turned off Telemetry service. After that I trying to reboot my PC but after choosing reboot optiong - bang, BSoD. System Service Exception caused by hal.dll this time. Link to .dmp: - 021819-8031-01.dmp

    My question is - where is a cause? After second BSoD I did scans mentioned before again and again no errors. I also updated my drivers for sound card, network card, chipset and SATA controller as well as turned off XMP profile (from 3000 MHz to 2133 MHz). I ran a memtest and there is a report: - MemTest86-Report-20190219-001158.html Only errors was during pass #4 when doing hammer test, another tests are passed. Sadly testing one RAM stick at time may be difficult for me (desk is very close to the wall). Temps are normal, rarely exceeding 60C. When writing that post, it was 30C for CPU and 34C for GPU. Nothing is overclocked.

    My specs:
    CPU: Intel Core i5-8600K 3.60GHz
    GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Windforce OC 6GB GDDR5
    RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX, DDR4, 16 GB, 3000MHz, CL15
    MoBo: Z370 AORUS Gaming K3, BIOS: F11 10/30/2018
    OS: Windows 10 Education
    PSU: SeaSonic Focus Plus Gold 550W

    There is log from DM log collector: AORUS-19_02_2019__90021,
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    Not sure if it's important but today Chrome crashed two tabs while regular browsing (first 3 hours ago, second now) with "Aw, Snap!" error. I hadn't this error before.

    Additionally I scanned my PC with Malwarebytes earlier today. No threats.

    And another BSoD - Kernel Security Check Failure: - 021919-7734-01.dmp
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 1809 Build 17763.379 and W10 Insider Build 18362 and 18860

    Hello asm0d,

    Please run the Beta Log Collector (the first one in the BSOD Posting instructions) and upload the zip file.
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    There is log from Beta collector.
    Two BSoDs in two weeks - hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe Attached Files
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 1809 Build 17763.379 and W10 Insider Build 18362 and 18860

    I'm struggling to find anything in the crash dumps that help with the identification of the cause.

    I would suggest that you try to analyse for drivers that might be causing problems. Read the links below carefully so you know how to set up driver verifier and also turn it off. Make sure you set restore points to help with this.

    Two BSoDs in two weeks - hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe Diagnostic Test Two BSoDs in two weeks - hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe

    warning   Warning
    Please make a backup of your important files and get your rescue media or create one.
    Please create a restore point.

    Please read and run driver verifier.

    If you suspect a driver is causing a problem but do not have a clear idea which one it is then Driver Verifier stresses your drivers and will crash your pc if any driver fails due to a violation.

    Driver verifier should be performed for a max of 48 hours, or until you have a bluescreen, whichever comes first.

    If driver verifier has found a violation and you can't get back into windows normally, try to boot into safe mode and reset driver verifier from within safe mode, or in the troubleshooting options open command prompt and type verifier /reset.

    Note   Note
    Your system will act very sluggishly while driver verifier is enabled, this is normal as your drivers will be being subjected to heavy testing in order to make them crash.
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    I just looked into Reliability Monitor and saw that:
    1) just before first "Aw, snap!" error "IP Helper" service crashed
    2) "WindowsInternal.ComposableShell.Experiences.TextInput.InputApp" crashed today when I tried type an emoji (shortcut: Windows+Period)
    3) just before BSoD from today when I tried type into finder from Start Menu "Microsoft Network Realtime Inspection Service" crashed twice
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    @philc43 In this BSOD mini dump did the windbg display any misbehaving hardware drivers?

    1: kd> .bugcheck
    Bugcheck code 0000003B
    Arguments 00000000`c0000005 fffff804`67dc2560 ffff8b0c`e86ee7d0 00000000`00000000
    1: kd> .time
    Debug session time: Mon Feb 18 09:59:29.378 2019 (UTC - 6:00)
    System Uptime: 5 days 3:26:27.160
    It may be the version of windbg?

    The logs were in a foreign language and could not be scanned or read.
    If possible please change the default language to English and post a new BETA log collector.

    Add, Remove, and Change Display Language in Windows 10 | Tutorials

    For the links in the opening post please use one of these share links (one drive, drop box, or google drive)

    Open file explorer > this PC > C: > in the right upper corner search for: C:\windows\memory.dmp > post a share link into the thread using one drive, drop box, or google drive

    Crash dump found at C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP
    Creation date: 02/19/2019 13:05:08
    Size on disk: 1019 MB
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    If I run Driver Verifier, should I use a PC? Or leave it be and wait for crash?

    Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online. There are latest beta log, as well as both minidumps and memtest result.

    I cannot find MEMORY.DMP in this location. Minidumps are also gone from HDD. Probably deleted by Automatic Maintenance...
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Make sure that there is no overclocking during the troubleshooting.

    Please use the computer as you normally do while using Widows driver verifier.
    Be aware of the likelihood of BSOD crashes that may impact any open applications.
    While using the tool the computer may have slow boots and slower performance.
    Make sure that you make a brand new restore point and understand the methods to turn off or recover from using the tool.

    In one of the mini dumps there were no misbehaving drivers.
    In the other mini dump Nvidia GPU nvlddmkm were the misbehaving drivers.

    Sometimes other misbehaving drivers can cause other drivers to crash (multiple drivers in a crash)
    More information should appear in the dump files produced by using windows driver verifier.

    For startup and recovery system failure settings the automatic restart is checked (this is the default setting)
    It can be easy to miss BSOD if this box is checked.
    When away from the computer you would not know whether it was a power outage, windows update, etc.
    It's useful to have automatically restart unchecked so that you can see the BSOD window.
    For any BSOD you should see a bugcheck and : (
    Sometimes you may see a misbehaving driver in the form *.sys
    At the very beginning of a BSOD you may see a % counter.
    If you see the % counter allow it to rise to 100% before rebooting so that there is sufficient time to create the dump file.

    For the first BSOD please look for the memory.dmp and if the file size is < 1.5 GB then zip and post a share link into the thread.

    The new files were downloaded and viewed

    The Memtest86 displayed FAIL

    Report Date
    2019-02-19 03:53:49
    Generated by
    MemTest86 V8.1 Free (64-bit)

    Test 13 [Hammer test]
    3/4 (75%)
    Location     : ChannelA-DIMM0
    BankLabel    : BANK 0
    Manufacturer : 029E
    MemoryType   : DDR4
    FormFactor   : DIMM
    Capacity     : 8GB
    Speed        : 2133
    Serial       : 00000000
    PartNumber   : CMK16GX4M2B3000C15  
    ECC          : False
    TypeDetail   : {Synchronous, Unbuffered (Unregistered)}
    Location     : ChannelA-DIMM1
    BankLabel    : BANK 1
    Manufacturer : 029E
    MemoryType   : DDR4
    FormFactor   : DIMM
    Capacity     : 8GB
    Speed        : 2133
    Serial       : 00000000
    PartNumber   : CMK16GX4M2B3000C15  
    ECC          : False
    TypeDetail   : {Synchronous, Unbuffered (Unregistered)}
    There is no need for Windows driver verifier at this time.

    Please remove both RAM modules.

    Test one module at a time in the same DIMM for two tests of four passes each (total of eight passes).
    Just one error is a test fail and the testing can be aborted.
    Then test the second RAM module in the same DIMM for two tests of four passes (total of eight passes) to differentiate good from malfunctioning RAM.

    Use a camera or smartphone camera to take pictures of the results and post images into the thread.
    Also post share links for the text reports.
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    But there's the problem, suddenly there are no minidumps or full dump on PC. If another BSOD happens (I hope not), I will add new files to the folder on one drive. Meanwhile I upgraded my BIOS to the latest version.
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