1) The logs are in a foreign language and cannot be scanned or read.
2) Please use English as the default language so that the logs can be troubleshooted.

Add, Remove, and Change Display Language in Windows 10 | Tutorials

3) The bugcheck was 12B.
4) The debugging displayed a misbehaving hardware driver.

5) Uninstall and reinstall Intel GPU drivers: Igdkmd64.sys or IGFX

Updating a driver. - Microsoft Community

6) The best tested drivers should be displayed on the Dell website.
Please install these drivers.

7) If any driver is needed that is not displayed on the Dell website then use the component manufacturer websites: Intel, AMD, Nvidia, Killer Networks, Realtek, etc.

8) After replacing drivers > perform windows updates

9) Open device manager > click view > click show hidden devices > manually expand all rows > look for any row displaying a yellow triangle with black exclamation mark or unknown device > post images into the thread

10) Open administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste:
11) sfc /scannow
12) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
13) chkdsk /scan
14) wmic RecoverOS set AutoReboot = False
15) When these have completed > right click on the top bar or title bar of the administrative command prompt box > left click on edit then select all > right click on the top bar again > left click on edit then copy > paste into the thread

It can be easy to miss BSOD when automatically restart is checked.
When there is a BSOD and automatically restart is unchecked you should see a BSOD window with bugcheck and : (
Sometimes you may see a misbehaving driver in the form *.sys
At the very beginning of a BSOD you may see a % counter.
If you see the % counter allow it to rise to 100% before rebooting so that there is sufficient time to create the dump file.

Step #14 will modify the startup and recovery system failure settings so that automatically restart is unchecked.

Naam	Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
PNP-apparaat-id	PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0A16&SUBSYS_05E01028&REV_09\3&11583659&0&10
Adaptertype	Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, compatibel met Intel Corporation
Beschrijving	Intel(R) HD Graphics Family
RAM-geheugen	1,00 GB (1.073.741.824 bytes)
Geļnstalleerde stuurprogramma's	igdumdim64.dll,igd10iumd64.dll,igd10iumd64.dll,igd12umd64.dll
Versie van stuurprogramma
INF-bestand	oem54.inf (iHSWM_w10-gedeelte)
Kleurenvlakken	Niet beschikbaar
Vermeldingen in kleurentabel	4294967296
Resolutie	1920 x 1080 x 60 Hz
Bits/Pixel	32
Geheugenadres	0xF6C00000-0xF6FFFFFF
Geheugenadres	0xE0000000-0xEFFFFFFF
I/O-poort	0x0000F000-0x0000F03F
IRQ-kanaal	IRQ 4294967290
Stuurprogramma	c:\windows\system32\drivers\igdkmd64.sys (, 7,60 MB (7.972.144 bytes), 7-11-2017 19:05)
igfx	igfx	c:\windows\system32\drivers\igdkmd64.sys	Kernel Driver	Ja	Manual	Running	OK	Ignore	Nee	Ja
igdkmd64.sys Thu Aug 16 12:03:04 2018 (5B75AE48)

Shrew Soft Virtual Adapter	ROOT\VNET\0000	This device is disabled.
TAP-Windows Adapter V9	ROOT\NET\0003	This device is disabled.
Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Virtual Miniport Adapter for Windows x64	ROOT\NET\0004	This device is disabled.
Citrix Virtual Display Only Adapter	PCI\VEN_5853&DEV_1002&SUBSYS_00000001&REV_00\1&79F5D87&0&02	The drivers for this device are not installed.
Microsoft Visual Studio Location Simulator Sensor	ROOT\WPD\0000	This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device.