Windows 10: BSOD at random times, mostly when playing. Various error codes Solved

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    Windows 10 (duh)
       17 Aug 2015 #61

    essenbe said: View Post
    He has a non K CPU so overclocking is unlikely. I have an Asus Mobo and it does not downvolt my ram. It runs at what I set it at. Maybe you shoud try doing BSODs, you would find out how often ram is corrupted.
    You can still overclock a non K by upping the bus frequency, just saying. On auto, most Asus mb I've seen sets voltages at the low end for ram - and HyperX requires plenty because when also on auto timings, it will chose the most aggressive jedec preset.

    Hell no to BSODs, I had my fair share in the Athlon XP - Windows XP era. 99% it's either not enough cooling(for desktops there are aftermarket coolers, water-cooling kits etc, but only gaming-grade laptops have what it takes for 3-5 hours of continuous gaming); not enough voltage(even factory-overclocked gpus need re-adjusting after a while); or bad power lines that break modest PSUs and with them, mobo's, ram, cpu's. Only the rest 1% is bad drivers and can be fixed remotely / by guidance. When stuff like this happens and you can't shake it off, it's time to pick up a multimeter and check real PSU voltage and amperage, an UPS to monitor power lines, an ir thermometer to check temps.

    Anyway, EVGA it's known for assembling GPU cards, not for PSUs. I suspect it's just a brand sticker over some cheap roaster manufactured onboard a slave ship in the international waters to escape taxes :)
    If your power lines are known to have troubles, you have to get a robust PSU from Seasonic, Antec, Corsair etc (not their cheapest models)
    And congrats if you managed to break that HyperX :) NP, it has lifetime warranty so you will get it replaced
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  2.    21 Aug 2015 #62

    Ok, I am back and within 10 minutes of pc usage from today I have gathered some important information.

    Last Sunday I removed one stick of RAM memory and was able to play for the whole day without a single crash, utilizing the RAM in the third slot, left to right. Today I changed the sticks and put the RAM memory that I was not using in the second slot, I crashed a while ago. Now I changed again, apparently to the good RAM stick and put it in the second slot to verify if it is not a Motherboard issue. I will be posting again if no crashes happen, then we might have found ourselves our error, actually, I will be posting if crashes happen too.

    Here is the BSOD, just for the fun.

    Attachment 33069

    Frustration is going away, finally!
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  3. essenbe's Avatar
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       21 Aug 2015 #63

    Sounds like progress. Good job in finding that out. Just let me know. I'm usually around. Your dump file was not very forthcoming, as usual.
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  4.    23 Aug 2015 #64


    So, I put the "good stick of RAM" on my second slot and got a crash (the pc froze and froze the sound too), so I am starting to suspect it is the motherboard at this point. I have put the "bad stick of RAM" in the fourth slot and I will play to test, if it does not crash, I will test with both sticks on the third and fourth slot.

    Here are the screens:

    Attachment 33350Attachment 33351Attachment 33352Attachment 33353

    I am only using one stick, as you can see.

    The readings go:
    +12V = 12.288V;
    +5V = 5.160V;
    +3.3V = 3.392V.
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       23 Aug 2015 #65

    Try uploading the BSOD Posting instructions again BSOD - Posting Instructions
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  6.    23 Aug 2015 #66

    It didnt generate a dump.. But I am utilizing the RAM stick in the other slot and no freezes till now, I am hopeful.
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       23 Aug 2015 #67

    When you ran memtest86+, it should have detected a ram or a motherboard error. No test is 100%, but memtest86+ is the best test we have and is rarely wrong.
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  8.    23 Aug 2015 #68

    Yeah, I have that in mind as well! I put on the two sticks of memory back in the third and fourth slot, I will tell if the pc crashes or not.

    Probably the slot is faulty, but lets see.

    Most mysterious error ever.
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  9.    31 Aug 2015 #69

    Ok, I guess we can call it a day. I tested both sitcks of ram individually on the second slot and it crashed, when I put both of them on the third and fourth slot, it stopped, seriously! And I used them in the first and third slot as well in the beginning and it crashed too, so we may conclude that the problem is present in my first and second slots of RAM, on the motherboard. Probably a specific problem involving the ram's frequency and timing.

    Can I mark it as solved?
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       31 Aug 2015 #70

    If you think it is solved, mark it that way. Are both sticks of ram the same manufacturer and model with the same timings and frequency? The frequency and timings are a non issue. If that was the problem, it would be a problem no matter which slots you put them in. It sounds more like you have a bad motherboard. I would be more confident in that if you ran memtest86+ and showed errors. Then running 1 stick at a time in each slot would tell you whether it is the ram sticks or the motherboard Dimm slots.
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