BSOD at least twice a month - uncertain cause

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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 21H2

    LeoBloom said:
    Unfortunately, Citrix is required for my work. It is currently in the most updated state

    Is it worthwhile to re-try Driver Verifier without checking Citrix drivers to test?
    Yes you can do this but the result nevertheless does suggest the Citrix driver is causing you problems so you might need to troubleshoot this if nothing else crops up.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    A new installation of Windows can become corrupt.
    In a similar fashion the latest driver can become corrupt.

    Please uninstall the software > restart windows driver verifier to find the next misbehaving driver > rinse and repeat

    The Citrix software can be reinstalled after the other problematic drivers are found and fixed.

    Many times the uninstallation and reinstallation fixes driver problems.
    During the troubleshooting if a driver can be left uninstalled then it is one fewer confounding factor.

    See if you can find a replacement for the driver or reinstall the software when it is needed so that you can continue troubleshooting.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit v1809
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    I still have the same issue after disabling testing of Citrix drivers - this time it was the broadcom bluetooth driver. There was not % countdown to 100 though and no minidump or MEMORY.DMP created.

    I did noticed the sevenforums link suggested to check everything except "Low Resource Simulation", "and "Force Pending I/O Requests" resulting in >10 items checked

    Meanwhile the tenforums tutorial suggests to only to check 3 things
    I/O Verification

    Force pending I/O requests

    IRP logging

    Should I retry all the drivers but with only the above three things checked?
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    When using the tool, windows driver verifier, there can be performance problems including slow boot.
    The customized tests settings may impact performance.
    If you can run the approximate 19 simultaneous tests then that is ideal.
    If there are performance problems then fewer simultaneous tests can be used.

    The goal is to create many BSOD and then debug the dump files.

    Misbehaving drivers can be uninstalled and then the other drivers tested.
    Alternatively, new drivers can be installed immediately after they are uninstalled.
    The end result should be the same.

    Windows often installs default drivers until the optimal drivers are installed.

    The Windows drivers are not tested using the customized settings.
    Only some of the non-Microsoft drivers are installed by Windows.

    So each misbehaving driver can be replaced until there are no longer any misbehaving drivers.
    Then the tool is ran for an additional 36 hours to see if there are any other misbehaving drivers during typical computer use.
    If there are no longer any misbehaving drivers Windows driver verifier is turned off and that completes the troubleshooting.
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 21H2

    LeoBloom said:

    Should I retry all the drivers but with only the above three things checked?
    I prefer to start with just those three checked and increase to more if necessary.
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit v1809
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    Just had another BSOD - computer was idling, but on.


    Beta collector log is attached link: Dropbox -

    I chose not to pursue driver verifier since it kept corrupting my boot up everytime I launched it
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    The last BSOD was on 2/28/2019.
    The computer was without BSOD for approximately 32 days.

    The memory dump didn't display any misbehaving drivers before/during the BSOD crash.

    Make a brand new restore point.
    Update the backup image.
    Turn on Windows driver verifier with the settings in this link:
    Enable and Disable Driver Verifier in Windows 10 | Tutorials

    Increase the number of customized tests by four to five per hour to match the customized settings in this link:
    Driver Verifier-- tracking down a mis-behaving driver. - Microsoft Community

    Run the tool for 48 hours.
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    64bit Win 10 Pro ver 21H2

    LeoBloom said:
    Just had another BSOD - computer was idling, but on.


    Beta collector log is attached link: Dropbox -

    I chose not to pursue driver verifier since it kept corrupting my boot up everytime I launched it
    Here is an explanation of what can be found from the crash dump.

    This crash has a bugcheck code 0x4a. We can look this up to understand what it means. The WinDbg help file shows:
    The IRQL_GT_ZERO_AT_SYSTEM_SERVICE bug check has a value of 0x0000004A. This indicates that a thread is returning to user mode from a system call when its IRQL is still above PASSIVE_LEVEL.
    This tells us that at the time of the crash a system call was returning the thread from Kernel mode to User mode and that the IRQL level was too high. User mode operates at a level of 0. The processor was running at IRQL level=1.

    All this information is found from the bugcheck:

    Returning to usermode from a system call at an IRQL > PASSIVE_LEVEL.
    Arg1: 00007ffcaf1ffad4, Address of system function (system call routine)
    Arg2: 0000000000000001, Current IRQL
    Arg3: 0000000000000000, 0
    Arg4: ffffac858f5e3b80, 0
    The process running at the time of the crash was Windows defender (PROCESS_NAME: MsMpEng.exe) and the system call was nt!KiSystemServiceExitPico .

    This is summarised in the following line from the !analyse -v output.

    FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING: km:raised_irql_fault_msmpeng.exe_nt!kisystemserviceexitpico

    It would be unusual for Windows Defender to cause the error since this is a MS product and would have been thoroughly tested. The stack indicates that there is a function in user mode which is calling the nt!kisystemserviceexitpico but we can not get any information on it.

    1: kd> knL
      *** Stack trace for last set context - .thread/.cxr resets it
     # Child-SP          RetAddr           Call Site
    00 ffffac85`8f5e3948 fffff806`20dc9d69 nt!KeBugCheckEx
    01 ffffac85`8f5e3950 fffff806`20dc9c03 nt!KiBugCheckDispatch+0x69
    02 ffffac85`8f5e3a90 00007ffc`af1ffad4 nt!KiSystemServiceExitPico+0x1fe
    03 000000a4`ab7fc418 00000000`00000000 0x00007ffc`af1ffad4
    All the other processor cores were idle at the time of crash so no information there. Like @zbook said there is no obvious 3rd party driver to blame. Has it happened again?
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    Windows 8.1 Enterprise x64

    Stack with MsMpEng.exe:
     [ffff9289d4ed5080 MsMpEng.exe]
    13f4.0013f8  ffff9289d4e59080 ffde86ca Blocked    nt!KiSystemServiceCopyEnd+0x25
    13f4.001774  ffff9289d51e3040 ffdddfca Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.0014b8  ffff9289cc3af080 ffde80a2 Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.001160  ffff9289d5a16080 ffdddfce Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.00207c  ffff9289d5c28080 ffde64cc Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.002080  ffff9289d5c27080 ffddede4 Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.00208c  ffff9289d5c24080 ffdde00e Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.002090  ffff9289d5c230c0 ffdded7f Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.002098  ffff9289d5bbd040 ffddee0f Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.0020a8  ffff9289d5bba080 ffdddfca Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.002118  ffff9289d5c9f080 ffddee0f Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.00216c  ffff9289d251c080 ffddee0f Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.001214  ffff9289d81020c0 ffdde0e7 Blocked    win32kfull!xxxRealSleepThread+0x36b
    13f4.003d7c  ffff9289d333d040 ffddee0f Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.004720  ffff9289d3303080 ffde5c33 Blocked    nt!ObWaitForMultipleObjects+0x2aa
    13f4.0047ac  ffff9289d6198080 ffdddffd Blocked    nt!ObWaitForMultipleObjects+0x2aa
    13f4.002154  ffff9289d2193080 ffdddfce Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.001cb0  ffff9289d35c1080 ffde6609 Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.002a4c  ffff9289d958c040 ffdddf9b Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.002674  ffff9289d79474c0 ffdde03f Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.0020c0  ffff9289d78d2040 ffdddfff Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.0042e0  ffff9289d6612080 ffde8b93 Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.002530  ffff9289d177e080 ffde8b93 Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.004710  ffff9289d284d080 ffdddf98 RUNNING    nt!KeBugCheckEx
    13f4.002acc  ffff9289da1f1080 ffde62b1 Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
    13f4.004afc  ffff9289d4f3a080 ffdde63c Blocked    nt!ObWaitForMultipleObjects+0x2aa
    And stack with System:
    [ffff9289c589f300 System]
       4.000018  ffff9289c59ae080 ffffff76 Blocked    nt!PopFxEmergencyWorker+0x3e
       4.00001c  ffff9289c59d4140 ffddf494 Blocked    nt!ExpWorkQueueManagerThread+0x125
       4.000020  ffff9289c59d8140 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.000024  ffff9289c59dc140 ffdddfbb Blocked    nt!ExpWorkerFactoryManagerThread+0x43
       4.000040  ffff9289c59d0080 ffdddfab Blocked    nt!MiWaitForFreePagesToZero+0x1ad
       4.000058  ffff9289c58ce080 ffdddf9a Blocked    nt!CcQueueLazyWriteScanThread+0xc1
       4.00005c  ffff9289c58e5080 ffdde1bf Blocked    nt!CcAsyncReadWorker+0x325
       4.000060  ffff9289c58e1080 fffffff2 Blocked    nt!CcAsyncReadWorker+0x325
       4.000064  ffff9289c58e3080 fffffff2 Blocked    nt!CcAsyncReadWorker+0x325
       4.000084  ffff9289c5921080 ffffffd6 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.000088  ffff9289c58f3080 ffdddffd Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.00008c  ffff9289c58e9640 ffde5c33 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.000090  ffff9289c5926600 ffdde12d Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.000094  ffff9289c5928640 ffdde12d Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.000098  ffff9289c592a640 ffde5e73 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.00009c  ffff9289c592c640 ffdde12a Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0000a0  ffff9289c592e640 ffde81c1 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0000a4  ffff9289c5930600 fffff850 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0000a8  ffff9289c58d6640 ffde8084 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0000ac  ffff9289c58f5600 ffffffd5 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0000b0  ffff9289c593b080 ffddf177 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0000b4  ffff9289c593d080 ffde8c0f Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0000b8  ffff9289c58d2080 ffde8b99 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0000c0  ffff9289c5941080 ffffffd4 Blocked    nt!IopPassiveInterruptRealtimeWorker+0x2b
       4.0000c4  ffff9289c5943080 ffffffd4 Blocked    nt!IopPassiveInterruptRealtimeWorker+0x2b
       4.0000c8  ffff9289c5948080 ffffffd4 Blocked    nt!IopPassiveInterruptRealtimeWorker+0x2b
       4.0000cc  ffff9289c594a080 ffffffd4 Blocked    nt!IopPassiveInterruptRealtimeWorker+0x2b
       4.0000d0  ffff9289c599a080 ffde8b3d Blocked    ACPI!ACPIWorkerThread+0x79
       4.000100  ffff9289c59ed040 ffde8c3c Blocked    pci!RootPmeEventDispatcher+0x86
       4.000104  ffff9289c754b040 ffde8c96 Blocked    ACPI!PciRootBusBiosMethodDispatcherOnResume+0x52
       4.000108  ffff9289c75ca600 ffdddfca Blocked    WdFilter!MpAsyncpWorkerThread+0x48b
       4.00010c  ffff9289c75d8500 ffe18336 Blocked    ndis!ndisReceiveWorkerThread+0xb3
       4.000110  ffff9289c75a1040 ffe1833e Blocked    ndis!ndisReceiveWorkerThread+0xb3
       4.000114  ffff9289c75d9040 ffffffba Blocked    ndis!ndisReceiveWorkerThread+0xb3
       4.000118  ffff9289c75da040 ffffffba Blocked    ndis!ndisReceiveWorkerThread+0xb3
       4.00011c  ffff9289c7846600 ffe97f95 Blocked    volsnap!VspWorkerThread+0x8b
       4.000120  ffff9289c7848600 ffdde0f7 Blocked    volsnap!VspWorkerThread+0x8b
       4.000124  ffff9289c784b600 ffdde0f7 Blocked    volsnap!VspWorkerThread+0x8b
       4.000128  ffff9289c7854600 ffffff69 Blocked    volsnap!VspWorkerThread+0x8b
       4.00012c  ffff9289c7860040 ffffff77 Blocked    volsnap!VspWorkerThread+0x8b
       4.000130  ffff9289c7861040 ffffff77 Blocked    volsnap!VspWorkerThread+0x8b
       4.000134  ffff9289c7871080 ffffff77 Blocked    volsnap!VspWorkerThread+0x8b
       4.000138  ffff9289c7872040 ffffff77 Blocked    volsnap!VspWorkerThread+0x8b
       4.00013c  ffff9289c7873040 ffffff77 Blocked    volsnap!VspWorkerThread+0x8b
       4.00015c  ffff9289c903a040 ffde8c21 Blocked    watchdog!SMgrGdiCalloutThread+0x47
       4.000160  ffff9289c745e440 ffffff64 Blocked    rdbss!RxpIdleWorkerThread+0x20
       4.000164  ffff9289c7cdf440 ffdde0ad Blocked    bam!BampThrottlingWorker+0xc7
       4.000168  ffff9289c7ce3440 ffde5eb7 Blocked    nt!AlpcpSignalAndWait+0x222
       4.00017c  ffff9289c9158440 ffde8c63 Blocked    dxgkrnl!DpiPowerArbiterThread+0x61
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for igdkmd64.sys
       4.000180  ffff9289c93cc440 ffffff51 Blocked    igdkmd64+0x10592b
       4.000184  ffff9289c93ce440 ffde8c6d Blocked    dxgkrnl!DpiPowerArbiterThread+0x61
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvvad64v.sys
       4.00019c  ffff9289c9167440 ffffff39 Blocked    nvvad64v+0x8f17
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvhda64v.sys
       4.0001a0  ffff9289c91b1440 ffde8c6e Blocked    nvhda64v+0x348c
       4.0001a4  ffff9289c91af440 ffde8c6e Blocked    nvhda64v+0x348c
       4.0001a8  ffff9289c9304440 ffde8c6e Blocked    nvhda64v+0x348c
       4.0001ac  ffff9289c9310440 ffde8c6e Blocked    nvhda64v+0x348c
       4.000208  ffff9289c7d08440 fffffe91 Blocked    bthport!HCI_ThreadFunction+0x379
       4.000210  ffff9289c9658080 fffffe57 Blocked    usbaudio!ProcessIrpsThread+0x3e
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys
       4.000238  ffff9289c93e3480 ffdddf9d Blocked    nvlddmkm+0x12531b
       4.00023c  ffff9289c587f080 ffde8c60 Blocked    nvlddmkm+0x1561ce
       4.000240  ffff9289c7cfb6c0 ffdddfa6 Blocked    dxgmms2!VidSchiWaitForSchedulerEvents+0x24f
       4.000244  ffff9289d26a3680 ffdddfe4 Blocked    dxgmms2!VIDMM_WORKER_THREAD::Run+0x1c3
       4.000248  ffff9289d386e140 ffde5ee9 Blocked    dxgkrnl!BLTQUEUE::BltQueueWorker+0x12b
       4.00024c  ffff9289c995b080 ffde8054 Blocked    BasicRender!WARPKMADAPTER::RunGPU+0x592
       4.000250  ffff9289d38a3680 ffde8017 Blocked    dxgmms2!VidSchiWaitForSchedulerEvents+0x24f
       4.000254  ffff9289d38ab680 ffde48d0 Blocked    dxgmms2!VIDMM_WORKER_THREAD::Run+0x1c3
       4.000258  ffff9289cb65d080 fffffe08 Blocked    igdkmd64+0xae620
       4.00025c  ffff9289c9344080 fffffe08 Blocked    igdkmd64+0xae90c
       4.000260  ffff9289cc2ca540 ffde8c06 Blocked    igdkmd64+0x1c1abe
       4.000264  ffff9289d3680680 ffde31f7 Blocked    dxgmms2!VidSchiWaitForSchedulerEvents+0x24f
       4.000268  ffff9289d36ba680 ffddeeec Blocked    dxgmms2!VIDMM_WORKER_THREAD::Run+0x1c3
       4.0002c4  ffff9289cb7870c0 ffddf3f8 Blocked    nt!IoRemoveIoCompletion+0x99
       4.0001f8  ffff9289cbcc8640 ffde8c50 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.00029c  ffff9289d3e56040 ffde8c51 Blocked    dxgkrnl!DpiPowerArbiterThread+0x61
       4.000414  ffff9289d3e62580 ffde5ee9 Blocked    dxgkrnl!BLTQUEUE::BltQueueWorker+0x12b
       4.000418  ffff9289d3e5c140 ffde5ee9 Blocked    dxgkrnl!BLTQUEUE::BltQueueWorker+0x12b
       4.000420  ffff9289d3e6d040 ffde5ee9 Blocked    dxgkrnl!BLTQUEUE::BltQueueWorker+0x12b
       4.000424  ffff9289d3e6e040 ffde5ee9 Blocked    dxgkrnl!BLTQUEUE::BltQueueWorker+0x12b
       4.000428  ffff9289d3e6f040 ffde5ee9 Blocked    dxgkrnl!BLTQUEUE::BltQueueWorker+0x12b
       4.00042c  ffff9289d3e70040 ffde5ee9 Blocked    dxgkrnl!BLTQUEUE::BltQueueWorker+0x12b
       4.000430  ffff9289d3e71040 ffde5ee9 Blocked    dxgkrnl!BLTQUEUE::BltQueueWorker+0x12b
       4.000434  ffff9289d3e72040 ffde5ee9 Blocked    dxgkrnl!BLTQUEUE::BltQueueWorker+0x12b
       4.000728  ffff9289d400c040 ffe18330 Blocked    mmcss!CiSchedulerDeepSleep+0x5c
       4.00077c  ffff9289d3f7d040 ffdde00e Blocked    luafv!SynchronousFsControl+0x194
       4.000790  ffff9289c599e040 fffffdb6 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0007c0  ffff9289d4080400 fffffdb6 Blocked    storqosflt!SqosJobDispatcherThreadRoutine+0x5e
    *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ctxusbm.sys
       4.0007f4  ffff9289d40b6080 fffffdb5 Blocked    ctxusbm+0x2640
       4.0007f8  ffff9289d40b7040 fffffdb5 Blocked    ctxusbm+0x31d1
       4.000b4c  ffff9289cb7e3080 ffdddfcf Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.000d20  ffff9289d4686080 ffde8b99 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.000cc0  ffff9289d48b2040 fffffd63 Blocked    winquic!QuicWorkerProcessThread+0x44
       4.000d1c  ffff9289d48b1040 fffffd63 Blocked    winquic!QuicWorkerProcessThread+0x44
       4.000830  ffff9289d48b0040 fffffd63 Blocked    winquic!QuicWorkerProcessThread+0x44
       4.000d30  ffff9289d48af040 fffffd63 Blocked    winquic!QuicWorkerProcessThread+0x44
       4.0009e0  ffff9289d48f8040 ffde03ea Blocked    HTTP!UlpScavengerThread+0x20e
       4.001094  ffff9289d49d5040 ffde2a06 Blocked    mpsdrv!MpsWorkerThread+0xd0
       4.0011d8  ffff9289d4bb3080 ffddf38e Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.001290  ffff9289d4d3d040 fffffd51 Blocked    Ndu!NduTokenComputeTokensWorkerRoutine+0xa0
       4.0012a0  ffff9289d4d39040 fffffd51 Blocked    Ndu!NduUpdateProcessEnergyWorkerRoutine+0x13f
       4.00164c  ffff9289d508d040 fffffd39 Blocked    srv2!RfspThreadPoolNodeManagerRun+0x80
       4.001650  ffff9289d508c040 fffffd39 Blocked    srv2!RfspThreadPoolNodeWorkerProcessWorkItems+0xc4
       4.001654  ffff9289d508b040 fffffd39 Blocked    srv2!RfspThreadPoolNodeManagerRun+0x80
       4.001658  ffff9289d508a040 fffffd39 Blocked    srv2!RfspThreadPoolNodeWorkerProcessWorkItems+0xc4
       4.00165c  ffff9289d5089040 fffffd39 Blocked    srv2!RfspThreadPoolNodeManagerRun+0x80
       4.001660  ffff9289d5088040 fffffd39 Blocked    srv2!RfspThreadPoolNodeWorkerProcessWorkItems+0xc4
       4.001690  ffff9289d50ed080 ffdde147 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.001130  ffff9289cc3b3080 ffdde152 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.000e7c  ffff9289cc0a2040 fffffd24 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.000e44  ffff9289cc0a1040 fffffd24 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.000e18  ffff9289cc0a0040 fffffd24 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.001804  ffff9289cc09f040 fffffd22 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.001808  ffff9289cc3f8040 fffffd22 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.00180c  ffff9289cc3f7040 fffffd22 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.001810  ffff9289cc3f6040 fffffd24 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.001814  ffff9289cc3f5040 fffffd24 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.001818  ffff9289cc3f4040 fffffd24 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.00181c  ffff9289cc3f3040 fffffd24 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.001820  ffff9289cc3f2040 fffffd24 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.001824  ffff9289cc3f1040 fffffd24 Blocked    ndis!NdisWaitEvent+0x44
       4.001c40  ffff9289d471b080 ffddeb42 Blocked    nt!MiModifiedPageWriter+0x107
       4.001d7c  ffff9289d55cb080 ffdde0b9 Blocked    nt!MiStoreEvictThread+0xf6
       4.00241c  ffff9289d5e1d080 fffffb7e Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.002948  ffff9289d55eb080 ffe9254a Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.001e40  ffff9289d3715080 ffdde0f0 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.0026ec  ffff9289d2b8a040 ffde80d1 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.000300  ffff9289da769040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.003f40  ffff9289d7cf5040 ffdddf9a Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.002fe4  ffff9289d39e4040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.002bc4  ffff9289d6225040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.00365c  ffff9289d39dc040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.001be0  ffff9289d5f19040 ffde80f5 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.003598  ffff9289cc1a1040 ffde5ef7 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.002d88  ffff9289d61a2040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.001938  ffff9289d15c9040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.002bd8  ffff9289c592f040 ffde80f5 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.0026a4  ffff9289d57f3040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.003fb0  ffff9289d41c7040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.004764  ffff9289d2010040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.000704  ffff9289c59a8040 ffde80f5 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.004464  ffff9289d4079040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.003a6c  ffff9289d3c45500 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.0044f4  ffff9289d571b040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.000c70  ffff9289d30df040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.004494  ffff9289d3f58040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.0046d4  ffff9289da68f040 ffde8646 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.002990  ffff9289d5f61040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.002048  ffff9289d2b09040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.001a00  ffff9289cbec0040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.00109c  ffff9289da1d9040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.00007c  ffff9289d49e9040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.000e98  ffff9289d5a03080 ffe16576 Blocked    nt!EtwpLogger+0xc2
       4.00344c  ffff9289d6c83580 ffde3128 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.003770  ffff9289d594c580 ffde8934 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.000fd8  ffff9289db075580 ffdddf9a Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.001c0c  ffff9289d6bb2580 ffdddfe6 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.001d04  ffff9289d333e040 ffddf58e Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.00460c  ffff9289d81f2040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.002b94  ffff9289d68f6040 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.0044e8  ffff9289d9c83440 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.0018b0  ffff9289da7f6440 ffdddf9a Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.0042ac  ffff9289d4ef2040 ffddf58e Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.003410  ffff9289d9cf5440 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.001944  ffff9289d9881440 ffdddff1 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.000660  ffff9289d1d4e440 ffde6774 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.0013c4  ffff9289d98e6440 ffde0033 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.0020e4  ffff9289d97f1440 ffde80d8 Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
       4.001698  ffff9289d9782440 ffde676d Blocked    nt!KeRemovePriQueue+0x6f9
    You tried update Intel graphics driver?
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    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit v1809
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    Just earlier in the day of the BSOD, I had disabled my Broadcom 802.11ac adapter and enabled the Killer E2200 Gigabit Ethernet Controller as I decided to switch from wifi to an ethernet cable. Is it possible that the Gigabit Controller was responsible for the crash? After the BSOD, I updated the Ethernet controller driver (since it wasn't updated as it had been disabled)

    Instead of updating the Intel graphics driver, what if I just disable it altogether since I use an NVIDIA graphics card?
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