BSOD when waking up from sleep - error 0x0000007a  

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    Here's the memory log and the Log Collector output.

    Memory log -!AiDH2IoSWusag1LpD-HzHl6-_V5j
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    And it happened again.

    The log and memory dump should be the same as the one I just uploaded
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Each crash produce a new dump file.
    So it is useful to run the beta log collector and post a new zip after every dump.

    In addition the memory.dump file disappears after every bsod crash and a new one is formed.
    So the memory.dmp needs to be collected after each crash.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Whenever an antivirus software product is removed from the computer please use the applicable uninstall tool.
    If the control panel is used to uninstall antivirus software there may be residual files left in the registry.
    These registry files can cause performance problems or prevent windows upgrades.
    The logs display that Mcafee is not currently installed on the computer.
    However many Mcafee drivers remain on the computer.

    1) For all tests and steps please post images and results into the thread.

    2) Open administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste:
    3) dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
    4) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
    5) sfc /scannow
    6) When these have completed > right click on the top bar or title bar of the administrative command prompt box > left click on edit then select all > right click on the top bar again > left click on edit then copy > paste into the thread

    7) Uninstall Avast using the applicable uninstall tool:
    Avast Uninstall Utility | Download aswClear for Avast Removal

    8) Uninstall AVG using the applicable uninstall tool:
    Install AVG on your PC, Mac | AVG installation files

    9) Uninstall Mcafee using the applicable uninstall tool:
    Antivirus Software, Internet Security, Spyware and Malware Removal | McAfee

    10) Uninstall Malwarebytes using the applicable uninstall tool:

    11) Make sure Windows defender is on and that it is the only antivirus software on the computer

    12) Update the progress with each step in post #2

    13) Uninstall Intel GPU drivers: Igdkmd64.sys or Igfx
    Install new Intel GPU drivers from the Acer website:
    Product support
    Updating a driver. - Microsoft Community

    14) The BIOS: BIOS Version/Date Insyde Corp. V1.09, 8/7/2015

    Upgrade the BIOS: 1.09 > 1.13 after completing all of the above steps
    [URL=";-;Aspire%20E5-473"]Product support

    Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #3    {5D624F94-8850-40C3-A3FA-A4FD2080BAF3}\VWIFIMP_WFD\5&10A9BBC1&0&12    This device is disabled.
    Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter #2    {5D624F94-8850-40C3-A3FA-A4FD2080BAF3}\VWIFIMP_WFD\5&10A9BBC1&0&13    This device is disabled.
    Standard PS/2 Keyboard    ACPI\10250759\4&1A6905D5&0    This device is working properly.
    Not Available    ROOT\MEDIA\0001    The drivers for this device are not installed.
    Name    Intel(R) HD Graphics
    PNP Device ID    PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0A06&SUBSYS_096A1025&REV_0B\3&11583659&0&10
    Adapter Type    Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, Intel Corporation compatible
    Adapter Description    Intel(R) HD Graphics
    Adapter RAM    1.00 GB (1,073,741,824 bytes)
    Installed Drivers    igdumdim64.dll,igd10iumd64.dll,igd10iumd64.dll,igd12umd64.dll,igdumdim32,igd10iumd32,igd10iumd32,igd12umd32
    Driver Version
    INF File    oem1.inf (iHSWM_w10 section)
    Color Planes    Not Available
    Color Table Entries    4294967296
    Resolution    1366 x 768 x 60 hertz
    Bits/Pixel    32
    Memory Address    0xB0000000-0xB03FFFFF
    Memory Address    0xA0000000-0xAFFFFFFF
    I/O Port    0x00004000-0x0000403F
    IRQ Channel    IRQ 4294967289
    Driver    c:\windows\system32\drivers\igdkmd64.sys (, 7.60 MB (7,966,216 bytes), 1/5/2017 7:56 AM)
    igfx    igfx    c:\windows\system32\drivers\igdkmd64.sys    Kernel Driver    Yes    Manual    Running    OK    Ignore    No    Yes
    igdkmd64.sys Thu Sep 29 07:43:27 2016 (57ED288F)
    aswArPot aswArPot.sys Fri Aug 17 02:12:45 2018 (5B76918D)
    aswbidsdrivera aswbidsdrivera.sys Wed Aug 15 00:03:39 2018 (5B73D04B)
    aswbidsha aswbidsha.sys Wed Aug 15 00:05:05 2018 (5B73D0A1)
    aswbloga aswbloga.sys Wed Aug 15 00:05:09 2018 (5B73D0A5)
    aswbuniva aswbuniva.sys Wed Aug 15 00:04:56 2018 (5B73D098)
    aswElam  aswElam.sys  Fri Jun  8 11:05:34 2018 (5B1AC56E)
    aswHdsKe aswHdsKe.sys Fri Aug 17 02:15:10 2018 (5B76921E)
    aswMonFlt aswMonFlt.sys Mon Sep 10 09:17:24 2018 (5B969914)
    aswRdr2  aswRdr2.sys  Fri Aug 17 02:13:15 2018 (5B7691AB)
    aswRvrt  aswRvrt.sys  unavailable (00000000)
    aswSnx   aswSnx.sys   Fri Aug 17 02:13:26 2018 (5B7691B6)
    aswSP    aswSP.sys    Mon Sep  3 12:32:49 2018 (5B8D8C61)
    aswStm   aswStm.sys   Fri Sep  7 02:28:36 2018 (5B9244C4)
    aswVmm   aswVmm.sys   Fri Aug 17 02:13:04 2018 (5B7691A0)
    mfeaack  mfeaack.sys  Wed Sep  7 08:55:50 2016 (57D03886)
    mfeavfk  mfeavfk.sys  Wed Sep  7 08:50:14 2016 (57D03736)
    mfefirek mfefirek.sys Wed Sep  7 08:52:03 2016 (57D037A3)
    mfehidk  mfehidk.sys  Wed Sep  7 08:48:19 2016 (57D036C3)
    mfewfpk  mfewfpk.sys  Wed Sep  7 08:48:36 2016 (57D036D4)

    mbae64   mbae64.sys   Fri Apr 29 03:10:09 2016 (57233301)
    MBAMChameleon MBAMChameleon.sys Sat Nov 19 11:13:08 2016 (5830A444)
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    Having read the news, I have heard about the data loss bugs introduced with 10 1809 - Iím waiting for them to fix it before actually upgrading. Just a heads-up
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Microsoft has withdrawn the Windows 10 iso build 1809.
    The rollout is on hold until the reported problems are fixed.
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    I feel like the registry is preventing the update. Some adware infected my computer a year back, which is why I installed Malwarebytes and HitmanPro (AVG is TuneUp.)

    I feel some of the Windows registry had been changed because of that virus (eg. when I go to set my default browser to Chrome it shows an empty document as an icon). How do I clean it, other than removing the AVG and Malwarebytes using the removal software you mentioned?
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    In this thread the goal is to fix the bsod.
    There were multiple problems found in the logs and they are being troubleshooted too.
    All of these problems need to be fixed to create an environment for an upgrade.
    There are logs for failed upgrades that have code and error messages.
    The error messages are typically ambiguous.
    The upgrade software from microsoft will check the drivers, hardware, bios, users, etc.
    If it finds problems the upgrade is aborted.
    At this time the goal is to fix the bsod.
    The problems found in the logs will also be troubleshooted.
    There are other forums within Ten forums that can work on failed upgrades.
    In this thread the failed upgrade can also be troubleshooted once the computer environment is stable.
    Having a backup image or backed up files are methods that are useful when there are problems with failure to boot, corrupt operating system and registry, malware, ransomware, etc.

    There are multiple software companies that have free and pay software for backup images:
    Acronis, Aoemi, EaseUS, Macrium, Paragon, etc.
    In Ten Forums Macrium is widely used and highly recommended.
    Macrium Software | Your Image is Everything
    Backup and Restore with Macrium Reflect | Windows 10 Tutorials
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    I would like to use Macrium, but I donít have an external HDD.

    Iíll try to DISM and scandisk tonight, if I donít forget
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