Persistent BSOD ntoskrnl.exe

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    Can you use the memory chart in the user manual to set the RAM into a triple channel configuration and test to see if that causes a problem?

    A faulty processor would not be high on my list of possible problems at this point but I don't think it can be excluded. I still believe updating to the latest BIOS would be a good idea whether or not the BIOS change log notes match the problem you're experiencing. The notes are rarely a complete list of the changes made, in my experience.

    edit: Did you notice if there were heat problems with the CPU? I suppose running the memory at quad speed would put more of a strain on the integrated memory controller of the CPU and if there was an intermittent problem with the cooler that could cause memory corruption.
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    Ok understood CW. Which do you think I should do first? Triple channel test or update BIOS?
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    A BIOS update is not without risk so I'd probably try the triple channel configuration first. I'm wondering if an intermittent cooling problem would show up more readily with the memory pushing more bandwidth. I would imagine that would put more of a strain on the integrated memory controller. It sounds like you've fixed that possibility, though, so I'd try the triple channel and then the quad channel to see if the problems return in those configurations. If they do, I'd then try the BIOS update.
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    On pg21 of the manual:

    "If only two memory modules are installed in the DDR4 DIMM slots, then Dual Channel
    Memory Technology is activated. If three memory modules are installed, then Triple
    Channel Memory Technology is activated. If more than four memory modules are installed
    in the DDR4 DIMM slots, then Quad Channel Memory Technology is activated."

    At present I have 4 sticks of RAM installed. Based on the above am I correct in understanding that I should remove one to enable triple channel and does it matter which one?
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    It's not clear to me, either. If I'm understanding correctly I think I'd try removing DDR4_D2 and that should enable triple channel mode but you won't have as much memory, obviously. Do you have a tool like CPU-Z or Speccy installed to check if your memory is in single, dual, triple, or quad channel mode?
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    Ok fair enough, I'll start with D2 and I do have CPU-Z I stalled.
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    Okydoky I removed D2 and the BIOS shows the RAM operating in single channel. CPUz shows "Channels # - Triple" however. See image. Thoughts?Attachment 212081
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    My guess would be CPU-Z is correct and the BIOS UI is showing an incorrect value but the only way to know for sure would be to run a memory benchmark to see if the triple channel configuration has a higher bandwidth than the double channel configuration. I believe memtest86 shows memory bandwidth which I've seen give higher values for double vs single but I haven't tested it on a triple channel configuration.
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    Hey cw I'm not sure what you're saying. Test with memtest86 to confirm the speed at which it's running? Also where are you ultimately going with this?
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    Since there were no problems running dual channel with either set of 4 DIMMs (I assume in dual channel mode) and yet you get memory corruption when running all 8 DIMMs (which should be quad channel) the possibilities in my mind are:

    • Quad channel is pushing something over the edge and causing memory corruption.
    • The motherboard can't reliably handle all 8 slots being used.

    I want to see if the memory bandwidth increase of triple channel over dual channel is enough to cause a problem. If that is fine I'd then want to see if the problem returns with quad channel. I'm assuming the memory itself is okay if both sets of 4 worked fine in dual channel. I'd then want to update the BIOS to see if the problem goes away. Personally, updating the BIOS is the first thing I would try but it's not without risk. You seem hesitant to do a BIOS update so I'm trying to make it the last resort.
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