Windows 10: Graphical glitch and BSOD on clean installed Windows 10.

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       15 Nov 2015 #41

    Friendlybear would you please go to add/remove programs and post a screenshot of everything you have installed? Also, would you happen to be using Dropbox or any other external server? This is what I found in your dump file.

    Cannot read _DRIVER_OBJECT at ffffe001d6ec1b90
     DriverObject ffffe001d6ec1b90
    Current Irp ffffe001d6e81858 RefCount 0 Type 00000000 Flags d6ec85f8
    Vpb ffffe001d802f978 DevExt 00000000 DevObjExt 00000000 
                                  Unknown flags 0xfff8c000
    AttachedDevice (Upper) ffffe001d6e81858ffffe001d6e81858: is not a device object
    GetPointerFromAddress: unable to read from fffff800155e41c0
    PROCESS ffffe001d6e81840
        SessionId: none  Cid: 06d8    Peb: 7ff631e59000  ParentCid: 02ac
        DirBase: 12646e000  ObjectTable: ffffc0001eaeee80  HandleCount: <Data Not Accessible>
        Image: svchost.exe
        VadRoot ffffe001d6e03b30 Vads 197 Clone 0 Private 2899. Modified 20848. Locked 0.
        DeviceMap ffffc0001e0ad770
        Token                             ffffc0001eaf4060
        ReadMemory error: Cannot get nt!KeMaximumIncrement value.
    fffff78000000000: Unable to get shared data
        ElapsedTime                       00:00:00.000
        UserTime                          00:00:00.000
        KernelTime                        00:00:00.000
        QuotaPoolUsage[PagedPool]         147336
        QuotaPoolUsage[NonPagedPool]      43728
        Working Set Sizes (now,min,max)  (7279, 50, 345) (29116KB, 200KB, 1380KB)
        PeakWorkingSetSize                20573
        VirtualSize                       2097276 Mb
        PeakVirtualSize                   2097919 Mb
        PageFaultCount                    537542
        MemoryPriority                    BACKGROUND
        BasePriority                      8
        CommitCharge                      3887
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       15 Nov 2015 #42

    I know we have tried these before, but I would like you to try again.

    Next please right click on the start icon and select Command prompt administrator, give admin permissions and copy/paste this into the window that opens and press enter sfc /scannow . If you decide to type it in, please notice the space between the sfc and the /. We want it to say no integrity violations were found. If it says there where corrupt files that could not be repaired, please reboot and run it again. You may have to run it 3 times with reboots in between each time.

    Also in an elevated command prompt, please copy/paste this in the window and press enter Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

    have you received the 1511 update in the past few days?If you don't know, hold down the Windows key and press R. Type winver and press OK. If you have received it, you should show your version as 1511 (OS Build 10586.3).

    What program do you use for backups and imaging?
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  3.    15 Nov 2015 #43

    I use One Drive and Private Tunnel VPN. Won't have access to PC for some hours to post screenshot.

    EDIT: Backup and imaging? I don't use any unless you count One Drive since it's a cloud backup.
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       15 Nov 2015 #44

    OK, no problem. Whenever you have time. If it ends up it is needed, would you be able to do a clean install? I know you share the computer. How long has this problem been going on? Did you have issues with your previous OS?
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  5.    15 Nov 2015 #45

    I originally upgraded to Windows 10 with a fully clean install because I was having issues before. Windows 10 has had the same issues as 7 but in the past month it has had daily BSOD's.

    I mean I could do a clean install but it would be inconvenient and I'm doubtful it would work considering I've done it before. These problems have been prevalent ever since we replaced all components from water damage. I honestly think it's faulty hardware, most likely GPU since I can't play modern high end games without weird glitches and crashes. Not to mention the driver issues.
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       15 Nov 2015 #46

    How did you get water damage? Many cases if you use distilled water, it will be OK after a few days. Distilled water tends to have no impurities in it so leaves no residue behind after it dries. Of course, you wouldn't be the first person to damage components from water either. I would be as concerned about the Motherboard as the GPU. The easiest way to find out if it is the GPU would be to swap it with someone for a day or two just to see.

    Would you go into BIOS when you can and give me the values of your +12V,+5V and +3.3V? While there, get me the CPU temp and the Motherboard temp. You should find it on the Main page .
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  7.    15 Nov 2015 #47

    Well it was regular tap water and apparently it fried all the components, so it's basically just the case that remained. Yes, I can get you that BIOS info.

    I could replace it with the other PC in the house but I'm not confident in my skills to do so and they are both in use by someone else at one time or another. But if I get the rare opportunity I can try.
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       15 Nov 2015 #48

    Let me know. If I can help, I will be happy to. There are lot of excellent hardware people on this site who would be happy to help you, if you want to try.
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  9.    15 Nov 2015 #49

    I am more just afraid, if anything else, to remove and install both GPUs since I haven't done it before. I think I know how to do it, it's the doing it that makes me nervous.

    I'll run the sfc and Dism after this and keep you informed but I may as well upload the screenshots you asked for first. Used my Iphone to capture the BIOS. By the way I appreciate your help greatly and I apologize for my system being the most annoying fix in the world.

    Attachment 48251Attachment 48241Attachment 48245Attachment 48244Attachment 48243Attachment 48242Attachment 48240Attachment 48246Attachment 48247Attachment 48248Attachment 48249
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       15 Nov 2015 #50

    I don't see very much I would consider a big problem. All of your BIOS photos look very good. No issues I see there. Based on what you have told me, it would appear to be a hardware problem.

    Trust me, you don't have the most annoying fix in the world. We have a whole lot of people in a similar boat as you. Maybe why I'm sitting here at 2 A.M. answering threads instead of sleeping like normal people do.
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