Hello first thank you, this is an odd problem, with no real place to be put.

I have chosen BSOD because, I think it will have the best chance for success.

I have a

GT70 2PE(Dominator Pro Dragon)-1885US, MSI I7 Gaming Laptop with a GTX880

Using a dual boot with Linux I have messed up something with the UEFI bios or NVRAM

I initially added 3 crucial 256G SSD and created a super raid partition via the F2 bios setup.

Every was fine, until I started developing in Linux, my MSI was the last to be used, and it was great, the power.

I noticed after a few updates, and customizing of the grub boot, there were multiple additions to the list of possible partition in the F2 setup area that gives the list for the F11 display. I read something about this being a Linux issue, but it later found to happen with windows in UEFI 2.1 or something

I have tried many things, including remove the battery to reset the CMOS ram,

So I went back to the original setup and ran the original factory recovery disk and still the F2 and F11 function does not work.

Only a cursor appears on a black screen, with no response from the keyboard with either the F2 or F11 key is pressed.

Everything is based on the BCD data point to UEFI drivers in directories, So then I would assume that the F2 and F11 would point to something thus when the factory restore was done it would be recovered, but it is not.

When the problem first occurred, I was able to install a standard hard drive with a factory image on it, and all of a sudden F2 and F11 was working again, I was sure it was a file in one of the UEFI directories, but again something was done in resetting up my system with linux that seems to have lost it forever.

Where does the firmware file reside for the F2 and F11, how does it relate to the UEFI bios, there would be an entry in the BCD data for it.

Besides not having access to F2 the computer works fine.

But how does the new UEFI interact with the F2 key? Can someone point me to some documentation on this, The UEFI spec doesn't exspliciately say anything about F2, only the Windows Boot Loader

Help any ideas,