Alternating BSODs: Video Scheduler Internal Error & Watchdog Violation

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  1.    16 Apr 2018 #1

    Alternating BSODs: Video Scheduler Internal Error & Watchdog Violation

    Hello helpful people,

    I have had massive BSOD problems for a week now, and after spending every single evening trying to solve it by myself I am reaching my humble limits.

    The story goes like this:
    For no apparent reason (meaning i hadn't installed anything or made any changes to the system before) my system started crashing with a Video Scheduler Internal Error when playing Dota 2 (I had played a couple of games before that day, and it started crashing after i took a break for an hour or so). After that, it kept crashing a short time after restarting (less than 5 minutes), which made problem solving very difficult.
    I tried all the "simple" tips and tricks I found via google, mainly driver updates and downgrades, updating Windows etc. but none of them helped.
    Finally I desperately tried a reinstallation of Windows. The only change being that i now get a second kind of BSOD, which is a DPC Watchdog Violation. Both BSODs now appear in irregular order. I again tried driver updates etc., but it proves difficult because of the short time span I get between crashes. I can't for example install a new Geforce driver because the system crashes every time somewhere during the installation.
    An interesting (to me, maybe expected for someone who knows more) aspect is that I'm completely fine in Safe Mode.

    Among the attached mini dumps should be some of either kind of BSOD. I would be super thankful for any kind of help or even just hints at solutions. Please let me know if I missed any important information!

    A very sad Simon
    Alternating BSODs: Video Scheduler Internal Error & Watchdog Violation Attached Files
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       16 Apr 2018 #2

    Hello Simon,

    Welcome to TenForums :)

    Safe mode will not use the graphics drivers so there might well be a clue there. However, you have done just about all you can to work on the graphics drivers. Did you try using the method shown below?

    The best way to do this is to uninstall everything of Nvidia using Display Driver Uninstaller and install new drivers from your Graphics card manufacturer or from the NVidia website. When you do this be sure the "clean install" box is checked and only install the Graphics driver and the PhysX driver.

    If this does not work can you try another graphics card (maybe a friend can help)? There could be a fault with your card.
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  3.    16 Apr 2018 #3

    Hi Phil,

    thanks for the quick answer!
    I have tried clean new installations of the graphic drivers before reinstalling Windows and it didn't solve it (even though I didn't use that tool you mentioned). Now, I got the latest nVidia driver ready for installation waiting on my desktop but unfortunately my system crashes every time i try to install it somewhere between 30 and 50%. It feels like the less I stress the laptop, the longer it makes it without crashing (we are talking about 10 minutes at best). But apparently, installing a driver is too much stress and it crashes every time. In Safe Mode I can't get through the installation either, the Setup tells me that there is a problem with the installation and quits, no further information given. Probably because there is no Internet connection in Safe Mode?
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       16 Apr 2018 #4

    If you have a wired network connection you can specify a Safe Mode with networking in order to try installing a driver in safe mode.
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  5.    17 Apr 2018 #5

    Thanks for your reply!
    I tried connecting to my router via cable and started in safe mode with networking, but I can't get a connection to the internet. I updated the relevant adapter drivers but same story. As this is getting a bit off topic, the question is, would you suggest that I invest my time into searching for a solution for that connection issue in order to then maybe be able to try the driver installation or should the whole problem be tackled directly, maybe through analysing the dump files?
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  6.    18 Apr 2018 #6

    I hope it's ok if i push this up a bit, also got new information:
    I managed installing the lates Geforce Driver, hooray! Even though I didn't do anything differently, I guess I just got lucky and my system didn't crash during installation (unlike the last 10-12 attempts).
    None the less, I still got both BSODs afterwards, one each. I have no idea what to do now
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  7. philc43's Avatar
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       19 Apr 2018 #7

    Since the bsod points to the graphics card have you tried cleaning the fans and heatsink? Try reseating the graphics card or try it in another slot if there is one. As I suggested at the beginning, see if you can replace it with another one to test the theory that the card may be faulty.
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  8.    22 Apr 2018 #8

    Hi! Thanks for the suggestion!
    I did clean my machine, though I think reseating or changing the graphics card is quite hard to do on a laptop, isn't it?
    Since everything seems fine in safe mode, I think it could be really helpful if someone could read the crash file. I tried learning it myself but didn't get very far yet...
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  9. philc43's Avatar
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       22 Apr 2018 #9

    Laptop graphics cards are indeed hard to access so only try exploring this if you have a hardware service manual for your laptop. I presume you are out of warranty and therefore can't return it.

    The crash dumps were looked at but don't reveal a lot more than you already know. The graphics card or drivers are the problem.

    FAILURE_ID_HASH_STRING: km:0x119_5_driver_faulted_system_command_dxgmms2!vidschiprocessisrfaultedpacket

    A look at the stack indicates the fault is not being recognised:

    Start memory scan  : 0xfffff802a623c818 ($csp)
    End memory scan    : 0xfffff802a623e000 (Kernel Stack Base)
                   rsp : 0xfffff802a623c818 : 0xfffff8097249333e : watchdog!WdLogEvent5_WdCriticalError+0xce
    0xfffff802a623c818 : 0xfffff8097249333e : watchdog!WdLogEvent5_WdCriticalError+0xce
    0xfffff802a623c848 : 0xfffff80974f874c5 : bcmwl63a!wl_msend_packets+0x125
    0xfffff802a623c858 : 0xfffff80976158a37 : dxgmms2!VidSchiProcessIsrFaultedPacket+0x257
    0xfffff802a623c878 : 0xfffff809715b66b0 : vwififlt!FilterSendNetBufferListsLegacy+0x1f4
    0xfffff802a623c938 : 0xfffff8097613bffd : dxgmms2!VidSchDdiNotifyInterrupt+0x8d
    0xfffff802a623c968 : 0xfffff809724b13a4 : dxgkrnl!DxgNotifyInterruptCB+0x74
    0xfffff802a623c978 : 0xfffff8097181310b : ndis!NdisSendNetBufferLists+0x33b
    0xfffff802a623cb58 : 0xfffff802a3ffcb42 : nt!KeSynchronizeExecution+0x42
    0xfffff802a623cb98 : 0xfffff809724b1186 : dxgkrnl!DpSynchronizeExecution+0xa6
    0xfffff802a623cdf8 : 0xfffff80976ebf8d0 :  !da "FAULT_INFO_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED_KIND"
    0xfffff802a623ce40 : 0xfffff80976ebf8d0 :  !da "FAULT_INFO_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED_KIND"
    0xfffff802a623cf20 : 0xfffff80976ebf8d0 :  !da "FAULT_INFO_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED_KIND"
    0xfffff802a623cf68 : 0xfffff802a41332c8 : nt!ExAllocatePoolWithTag+0x2b8
    0xfffff802a623d340 : 0xfffff80976ebf9d0 :  !da ""Ch %08x, engmask %08x, intr %08x""
    0xfffff802a623d458 : 0xfffff80976ebf5d0 :  !da "HUBCLIENT_HOST"
    0xfffff802a623d460 : 0xfffff80976ebfa00 :  !da "ACCESS_TYPE_READ"
    0xfffff802a623d468 : 0xfffff80976ebf8d0 :  !da "FAULT_INFO_TYPE_UNSUPPORTED_KIND"
    0xfffff802a623d758 : 0xfffff802a429e380 : nt!KiInitialThread
    0xfffff802a623d760 : 0xfffff802a429e380 : nt!KiInitialThread
    0xfffff802a623d878 : 0xfffff802a3e09931 : hal!HalRequestIpi+0x211
    0xfffff802a623d918 : 0xfffff802a3f4bf62 : nt!KiExecuteAllDpcs+0x1d2
    0xfffff802a623d988 : 0xfffff802a429e380 : nt!KiInitialThread
    0xfffff802a623da30 : 0xfffff802a429e380 : nt!KiInitialThread
    0xfffff802a623da40 : 0xfffff802a429e380 : nt!KiInitialThread
    0xfffff802a623da58 : 0xfffff802a3f4b65f : nt!KiRetireDpcList+0xdf
    0xfffff802a623da88 : 0xfffff802a3f93c68 : nt!PpmEventIdleStateChange+0x30
    0xfffff802a623daa8 : 0xfffff802a40002d2 : nt!KiDpcInterrupt+0x2f2
    0xfffff802a623dab0 : 0xfffff802a429e380 : nt!KiInitialThread
    0xfffff802a623dab8 : 0xfffff802a3e86000 : "nt!MmSetTrimWhileAgingState <PERF> (nt+0x0)"
    0xfffff802a623dac8 : 0xfffff802a3ffd3f5 : nt!KiInterruptDispatch+0x85
    0xfffff802a623db30 : 0xfffff802a400ee4f : nt!memset+0xcf
    0xfffff802a623dc18 : 0xfffff802a4003267 : nt!SwapContext+0x407
    0xfffff802a623dc58 : 0xfffff802a3fff4ea : nt!KiIdleLoop+0x5a
    0xfffff802a623dc78 : 0xfffff802a429e380 : nt!KiInitialThread
    Do you have a way in the BIOS of only using the Intel graphics card - this may allow you to avoid the GTX card and see if it stops the BSOD? You might be able to check the other way round too by stopping the Intel graphics.
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  10.    23 Apr 2018 #10

    Thanks a lot for your ongoing support!
    I will try using the two graphics cards individually as soon as I have some time.
    Btw, could this be done by just deactivating one of them in the device manager? I'll try the BIOS method first though and report back.
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