BSOD's related to memory / drivers, increasing in frequency

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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    The bugcheck was 7E.
    There was no definitive misbehaving driver available in the debugging.

    For each dump submit a new C:\memory.dmp > zip > one drive or drop box share link
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    The memory.dmp file was added from the most recent crash, it is called "MEMORY_20180508_1943.7z" in the dropbox folder:
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Backup all files to another drive or to the cloud.
    Update the Macrium backup image.
    Save the backup image to another drive.
    Make a brand new restore point.

    Read these links on Windows driver verifier so that you understand three methods to turn off or recover from using the tool.
    Driver Verifier-- tracking down a mis-behaving driver. - Microsoft Community
    Enable and Disable Driver Verifier in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials
    Do not use the tool yet.
    With each spontaneous BSOD continue posting memory dumps.
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    I am getting freezes each time I try to create a backup image with Macrium. The freeze occurs at various stages of the image creation. Beta log and memory.dmp file have been added to the Dropbox folder:
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Open file explorer > this PC > C: > in the right upper corner search for: C:\windows\memory.dmp
    The file had a memory dump dated 5/11/2018.
    This dump file was partially corrupt.
    1) See if the memory dump on 5/12/2018 is available:
    Crash dump found at C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP
    Creation date: 05/12/2018 10:19:02
    Size on disk: 657 MB
    2) zip > post a one drive or drop box share link into the thread
    3) Open administrative command prompt and type or copy and paste:
    4) sfc /scannow
    5) dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
    6) When these have completed > right click on the top bar or title bar of the administrative command prompt box > left click on edit then select all > right click on the top bar again > left click on edit then copy > paste into the thread
    7) Chkdsk /x /f /r
    Run this on each partition/drive using the syntax chkdsk /x /f /r C: or chkdsk /x /f /r D: changing the drive letter to the applicable drive.
    Please make sure that all partitions/drives (c, d, q, u)are scanned, fixed, and restored using these switches.
    The testing may take a long time so plan to run overnight.

    C:\Windows\system32>chkdsk /x /f /r
    The type of the file system is NTFS.
    Cannot lock current drive.

    Chkdsk cannot run because the volume is in use by another
    process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be
    checked the next time the system restarts? (Y/N)

    Type: Y

    8) Use the information in this link to find the chkdsk reports in the event viewer. Copy and paste to notepad > post one drive or drop box share links into the thread.
    Read Chkdsk Log in Event Viewer in Windows 10 | Windows 10 Tutorials

    The bugchecks for the dumps were:

    The KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED bug check has a value of 0x0000001E. This indicates that a kernel-mode program generated an exception which the error handler did not catch.

    The PFN_LIST_CORRUPT bug check has a value of 0x0000004E. This indicates that the page frame number (PFN) list is corrupted.

    The IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL bug check has a value of 0x0000000A. This indicates that Microsoft Windows or a kernel-mode driver accessed paged memory at an invalid address while at a raised interrupt request level (IRQL).

    9) Are you considering upgrading to Windows 1803?
    10) If you needed to perform a clean install would you be able to test the computer for a while and then at a later time restore the files with the Macrium backup image?
    11) Is there a local computer store, friend, neighbor, relative, etc. that may have the option to swap the Nvidia GPU?
    12) Does the computer have the option to remove the Nvidia GPU and use the motherboard graphics?
    13) For Memtest86+ version 5.01 please view the file save date and indicate which date the prior testing was performed. Run Memtest86+ version 5.01 again for 8 or more passes > post an image of the test results into the thread

    Event[6627]:  Log Name: System
      Source: Disk
      Date: 2018-05-10T17:49:45.324
      Event ID: 51
      Task: N/A
      Level: Warning
      Opcode: N/A
      Keyword: Classic
      User: N/A
      User Name: N/A
      Computer: DESKTOP-KDI8U1R
    An error was detected on device \DR2 during a paging operation.
    Event[6624]:  Log Name: System
      Source: Disk
      Date: 2018-05-10T17:49:40.315
      Event ID: 153
      Task: N/A
      Level: Warning
      Opcode: N/A
      Keyword: Classic
      User: N/A
      User Name: N/A
      Computer: DESKTOP-KDI8U1R
    The IO operation at logical block address 0x3a2e6ee0 for Disk 2 (PDO name: \Device\Ide\IdeDeviceP3T0L0-6) was retried.
    Event[4396]:  Log Name: System
      Source: Microsoft-Windows-Memory-Diagnostic-Task-Handler
      Date: 2018-04-28T01:01:49.181
      Event ID: 1001
      Task: N/A
      Level: Information
      Opcode: Info
      Keyword: N/A
      User: S-1-5-21-110228781-3340138750-1692537053-1001
      User Name: DESKTOP-KDI8U1R\Adam
      Computer: DESKTOP-KDI8U1R
    Windows removed bad memory regions from this PC.
    Event[11399]:  Log Name: Application
      Source: DbxSvc
      Date: 2018-05-12T10:19:36.731
      Event ID: 320
      Task: N/A
      Level: Information
      Opcode: N/A
      Keyword: Classic
      User: N/A
      User Name: N/A
      Computer: DESKTOP-KDI8U1R
    Failed to connect to the driver: (-2147024894) The system cannot find the file specified. , retrying...
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    I have added the most recent beta log and the memory.dmp file from 5/12 to the Dropbox:

    I will work on the other steps in the mean time.
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    Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.371](c) 2017 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.C:\WINDOWS\system32>sfc /scannowBeginning system scan.  This process will take some time.Beginning verification phase of system scan.Verification 100% complete.Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.C:\WINDOWS\system32>dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealthDeployment Image Servicing and Management toolVersion: 10.0.16299.15Image Version: 10.0.16299.371[===========================84.4%================          ]Error: 0x800f081fThe source files could not be found.Use the "Source" option to specify the location of the files that are required to restore the feature. For more information on specifying a source location, see MSN | Outlook, Office, Skype, Bing, Breaking News, and Latest Videos DISM log file can be found at C:\WINDOWS\Logs\DISM\dism.logC:\WINDOWS\system32>

    I am not avoiding upgrading to build 1803. The next scheduled update is shown as KB4103727.

    I would be open to a clean reinstall but I am not able to create an image with either Macrium or the built-in Windows image creation tool without freezing.

    I have no option to swap GPU's with a local computer store, friend, neighbor, relative, etc.

    The Nvidia GPU has now been removed for 11 days and the crashing has increased in frequency.

    Memtest86+ 5.01 was last run on 4/20 before the GPU was removed.

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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    1) There were no integrity problems running scannow. However there were problems in the logs with corruption in the store and the dism restorehealth displayed an error (it was not able to complete)

    2) The next time there is freezing click the following keyboard keys:
    control + windows + shift + b (all 4 keys simultaneously)
    This should reset the GPU and make a sound and a black screen
    Please indicate whether you were able to break the freeze or whether it had no impact and you had to power off

    3) Update again the Intel GPU:
    Windows 10 Creator Update Troubleshooting: Intel Display Driver - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki

    4) All of the files on the computer can be backed up to another drive by copying and pasting the users folder. Perform this backup so that you have a margin of safety in case there are any unexpected problems. It may take many hours to perform this backup.

    5) Make a brand new restore point

    6) In the left lower corner type: Windows updates > perform windows updates (make sure that you have backed up the files first)

    igdkmd64.sys Thu May 19 12:45:17 2016 (573DFBAD)
    Name	Intel(R) HD Graphics
    PNP Device ID	PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0102&SUBSYS_01021849&REV_09\3&11583659&0&10
    Adapter Type	Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, Intel Corporation compatible
    Adapter Description	Intel(R) HD Graphics
    Adapter RAM	(1,883,242,496) bytes
    Installed Drivers	igdumd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll,igd10umd64.dll
    Driver Version
    INF File	oem50.inf (iSNBD0 section)
    Color Planes	Not Available
    Color Table Entries	4294967296
    Resolution	1920 x 1080 x 60 hertz
    Bits/Pixel	32
    Memory Address	0xF7800000-0xF7BFFFFF
    Memory Address	0xE0000000-0xEFFFFFFF
    I/O Port	0x0000F000-0x0000F03F
    IRQ Channel	IRQ 4294967292
    I/O Port	0x000003B0-0x000003BB
    I/O Port	0x000003C0-0x000003DF
    Memory Address	0xA0000-0xBFFFF
    Driver	c:\windows\system32\drivers\igdkmd64.sys (, 5.13 MB (5,382,856 bytes), 03/09/17 02:16)
    igfx         igfx                   igfx                   Kernel        Manual     Running    OK         TRUE        FALSE        21,696            3,629,408   0          05/19/16 13:45:17      C:\WINDOWS\system32\DRIVERS\igdkmd64.sys         6,400
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    Since you mentioned the Nvidia GPU I double checked in DDU and found the Nvidia drivers were still installed. After uninstall the PC will not reboot. I can view the most recent system restore points but I cannot apply them because drive protection was not enabled. How should I proceed?
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit

    Were you using DDU in safe mode?

    Power on the computer and as soon as you see the Microsoft icon > power off
    Power on the computer again and as soon as you see the Microsoft icon > power off
    Power on the computer again and this time allow the progression to the computer's Windows advanced troubleshooting menu.
    Click system restore (start with the oldest restore point and keep repeating with more frequent restore points until successful reboot) If system restore fails or if there are no restore points move to the next step.
    Click starup repair. If startup repair fails move to the next step.
    Click command prompt which opens a box: Administrator: X:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe > X:\Sources>
    Indicate in the thread your progress.

    If you are not able to open the computer's Windows advanced troubleshooting menu then find a working computer where you can create a bootable Windows 10 iso:
    Download Windows 10

    If you already have a Windows 10 iso then indicate which build of Windows it was made? 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803?
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