Windows 10: Dell Vostro 3559 won't boot to Windows 10 or USB PE Solved

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  1.    24 Mar 2018 #11

    It would appear that this BIOS update is related to the Spectre bug from Intel.

    It would appear that Intel had inserted into the BIOS the inability to downgrade!

    So now myself, and it appears lots of other Dell owners are stuck in a boat without Windows!!!!

    I don't know if other makes have a similar problem, found many complaints on Dell forum.
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  2.    24 Mar 2018 #12

    Found this solution which seems to allow the downgrade of BIOS:
    Rename your downgraded BIOS 'exe' file to BIOS_IMG.rcv, the file format has to be .rcv not .exe, then copy this file to a flash drive (FAT32 format not NTFS), then do these steps:
    • First you shut down the computer completely, and you should have the flash drive plugged in now.
    • Then, while the computer is turned off, hold down the left Ctrl + Esc keys and connect the charging cable to the computer. The computer will start up automatically.
    • Continue to hold down Ctrl + Esc until the BIOS Recovery window appears.
    • After the BIOS Recovery window arrives, select "Rollback" and continue, the BIOS will be downgraded after the computer restarts itself.

    My BIOS is now back to 1.2.8. Unfortunately my problem still exists!!!!!!

    Back to the drawing board.
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  3.    24 Mar 2018 #13

    Sadly, some newer BIOS' have corrupted PC's according to a post on the Dell forum. On many Dell's if a BIOS is corrupted the only option is to replace the motherboards. On some new/newer Dell's there is a way to recover.

    Here is the link to the BIOS recovery procedure that you found:.
    BIOS Recovery options on a Dell PC or Tablet | Dell US

    As it no appears to NOT be a BIOS problem and as one memory module or memory from another PC gives the same error, it suggests a possible motherboard problem. But, one more try, clear the CMOS memory, with the PC powered off remove the CR2032 battery on the motherboard for at least 10 minutes. Reinstall and see if that helps. About the only option I see now, except a suspected motherboard problem based on your reports.

    However, you could give the Dell forum a chance. I am one of the user support "Rockstars" on their forum but deal primarily with desktops. There is a separate section for Laptop hardware issues.
    Laptops - Dell Community
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  4.    24 Mar 2018 #14

    Thanks fireberd.

    I have already posted in the Dell forums, no replies as yet.

    Do you know roughly how much a new motherboard will be, or is it best to cut and run and get a new laptop?
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  5.    24 Mar 2018 #15

    Edit: disregard
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  6.    25 Mar 2018 #16

    Considering its a Vostro model, If it is the motherboard I would consider a new PC.
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  7.    25 Mar 2018 #17

    Yes, that is what I thought. Saw a motherboard available for 250€, seems expensive.
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  8. Posts : 20,975
    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       26 Mar 2018 #18

    If you are able to load Hirens were you able to test the computer hardware?
    For example are you able to test the HD using HD Tune?
    If so please post the results of the tests on these tabs:
    a) Health (SMART)
    b) Benchmark
    c) Full error scan

    Using Hiren's BootCD are you able to modify the BIOS to:
    a) switch from UEFI to Legacy or Legacy to UEFI?
    b) Turn on and off fast boot?
    c) Turn on and off ultra-fast boot?
    d) Modify CSM?
    e) Use both USB 3 and USB 2?
    f) Use software to test RAM / DIMM /motherboard using Memtest86+ version 5.01

    See if you can boot using Memtest86+ version 5.01 on its own:
    Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
    This would include the above BIOS modifications if necessary.

    Boot from USB Drive on Windows 10 PC Windows 10 Tutorials
    Enable or Disable Fast Boot in UEFI Firmware Settings for Windows Windows 10 Tutorials

    In addition to the tests above also run the Dell diagnostics using Hiren's and post the results into the thead:
    Resolve Hardware Issues With Built-in and Online Diagnostics (ePSA or PSA Error Codes) | Dell US

    To post images into the thread:
    1) use a camera or smart phone camera to take pictures and post images using one drive or drop box share links.
    2) How to Upload and Post Screenshots and Files at Ten Forums Windows 10 Tutorials
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  9.    26 Mar 2018 #19

    Thank you for your suggestions.

    The Hard Disk (SSD) is fine having swapped it into another PC.
    I have been able to manipulate the BIOS OK, tried all your suggestions previously with no luck!

    When using DOS programs in Hiren's Boot CD (actually using USB key) getting the following error messages:
    Warning: the high memory area (HMA) is not available.
    Additional low memory (below 640k) will be used instead.
    Creating 64Mb Ram Drive as R:
    Then after some time:
    Bad command or file, repeated 10 times,
    Then Syntax error
    Bad command or file name
    Label not found.

    I can load and boot from USB drives, however when it tries to go to any kind of Windows environment (e.g; Win PE or Windows Boot Disk), I get the error: Page Fault Error in non-paged area.

    Memory is fine, tested earlier with memtest86 and also swopped to another PC. However, running it again with updated version as you suggested. Will report back with results.

    It does seem like the motherboard has a problem.
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    windows 10 professional version 1607 build 14393.969 64 bit
       26 Mar 2018 #20

    For Memtest86+ version 5.01 please make sure that there are at least 8 passes and the more passes the better. When it has completed the testing please take a picture with a camera or smart phone camera and post an image of the results into the thread.

    Please indicate the number of RAM modules and the number of DIMM.
    Do the RAM modules have the same SKU or different SKU?
    Open the Dell website > enter the product or serial number > select the operating system > view drivers and BIOS > post a URL or hyperlink into the thread.

    Run memtest86+ version 5.01 for at least 8 passes.
    Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
    This may take hours so plan to run it overnight.
    a) Please make sure you use the Memtest86+ version 5.01 with the link below.
    Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
    The testing is done not by time but by passes.
    The more passes the better.
    There are a significant number of false negatives if fewer than 8 passes are made.
    A false negative is a test pass when there is malfunctioning RAM.
    Memtest86+ version 5.01 testing takes approximately 1 - 2 hours /GB RAM
    Just 1 error is a fail and you can abort testing.
    Then test 1 RAM module at a time in the same DIMM each for 8 or more passes.
    b) When Memtest86+ version 5.01 has completed 8 or more passes use a camera or smart phone camera to take a picture and post an image into the thread.
    Memory problems. - Microsoft Community
    MemTest86+ - Test RAM Windows 10 Tutorials
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