Windows 10: No Output from dm_log_collector.exe

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    No Output from dm_log_collector.exe

    To begin with, Norton removed dm_log_collector.exe because of its low reputation (Threat name: WS.Reputation.1). Not dissuaded, I removed it from Quarantine, put it on my desktop and ran it.

    It ran very quickly and did not generate a file on Desktop. Certainly not of the form which what I could discern from the video. Nor anywhere on my computer per Windows search. I opened a command-line and ran it. There was no output, or generated file.
    - Perhaps Norton is still getting in the way somehow. Do you think?

    Running it on Windows 7 Homex64.
    - Not the Win10 need help on, which is stuck in a BSOD loop. I hope I will be able to run it from the command line there, via USB drive.
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    Hi cabujones

    If Norton has a feature that can prevent a file from performing an action without doing anything else (i.e. moving it to quarantine), then Norton is getting in the way. Simply disable this feature temporary.
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    Thanks, @axe0.
    I disconnected internet and stopped Norton's scanning. Now I saw the cmd window which created the .zip file but it was -empty-, that is, only 22-bytes beginning with PK.... Possibly because it is being run on Win7. This was as a sanity check of mine before putting it on a USB to run it on my BSOD-broken Win10. But when next run on Win10x64 I got the error: "This version of G:\dm_log_collector(1).exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you are running.
    • The Win 10x64 system has a persistent 0xc0000225 BSOD I cannot escape so I can only get to the cmd line and only by using a Windows.iso on a USB drive.
      X:\> ver => Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.125]
      G:\> dir gm_log_collector(1).exe => 92,128 bytes
    • Possibly this would not give you detectives at tenforums the system data desired, anyway, since my broken Win10 is not running, but is what I have.
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    Any file it's complaining about?
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    @axe0: Merely this line of output:
    This version of G:\dm_log_collector(1).exe is not compatible with the version of Windows you're running.Check your computer's system information and then contact the software publisher"
    This executable spent some time in Norton jail (quarantine). Could it possibly have modified the file? It makes an empty zip-file on Win7--is that normal? The file CRC is:

    Name: dm_log_collector(1).exe
    Size: 92128 bytes (0 MB)
    SHA256: 65B48F8F64E8139AF81DA79D8A07DBCF2F69BE31D01FFF27D6723ED2A0923B2E
    Does that help any? My Win10x64 is an HP Presario. But, as mentioned, I am booting from Windows Media Files.iso. Not using your Winpese.iso because that one did not let me do an sfc/verifyonly ("against policy" which, incidentally, passed and so did chkdsk. It is Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.125]
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    I meant when you see the error code
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    axe0: I am easily confused. No error code from running dm_log_collector. Perhaps you mean the 0xc0000225 error code when booting my PC from the Crive. The message is "Your PC/Device needs to be repaired. / A required device isn't connected or cannot be accessed." Both sfc and chkdsk come back clean. I have tried bootrec, bcdboot etc.
    - It seems to me that Windows could at least give some hint about what the "required device" is.
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    Required device is the hard drive, do I understand it correct that you're dual booting?
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    No I am not dual booting. Just a single factory Windows 10. Specifically, at first I get a 0xc0000001 "Your PC couldn't start properly / After multiple retries." Then using any of the recovery options gets the 0xc000225 "required device not accessible." I did not recently connect any devices or download any software. I can only get to a command prompt using an .iso on a USB drive. As I mentioned, I have tried most "miracle cure"s. My boot record is a GPT, as if I know what that means.
    • I can run many apps on my desktop from the command line and was able to generate a .vhd file using disk2vhd. Else I would be very scared.
    • But when I boot from the C:drive I see the HP logo for a couple of minutes before I get the BSOD. I am wondering if that shows it might not be a problem with the MBR since it may have finished up by that time.
    • I also have an srtTrail.txt file created by the Windows System Test on their recovery media USB. All test result codes are 0x0 but there is an entry that says:

    Root Cause: A recent driver upgrade or may be preventing the system from restarting.

    • I was able to use one restore point (Jan 25) which seemed to work, but as soon as I rebooted, the BSOD loop started. And here I am.
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    Global Unique IDentifier Partition Table (GUID PT / GPT) is a partitioning scheme, basically meaning that you can have many partitions on 1 drive and larger partitions.

    Could you upload the srtTrail.txt.
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