Windows 10: No Output from dm_log_collector.exe

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       11 Mar 2018 #11


    Attaching my SrtTrail.txt
    * Thanks for sticking with me, axe0.
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    Assuming the root cause is indeed drivers, it is likely a driver from a program that was updated, that is assuming there have been no recent Windows updates installed, which means that you could boot into safe mode or perform a clean boot to find the cause.

    In command prompt from the advanced recovery options, enter
    start msconfig
    • Go to the Boot tab,
    • Check Safe boot,
    • click Apply,
    • click OK and reboot

    Let me know if this works.
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       12 Mar 2018 #13

    If I boot from my C:drive I get a 0xc00000001 which offers F8-Startup Settings, including 4)-Safe Mode and 6)-Safe Mode with Command Prompt. Both of these end in a 0xc0000225 BSOD. So does F1-Recovery Environment.
    • I can only get to a Command Window from a USB boot. In this case I am at a X:\> prompt and it cannot find msconfig.exe
    • But C:\Windows\System32> msconfig.exe gets me a System Configuration window. I can then select [Windows 10 (C:WINDOWS): Default OS] (the only one offered) and then Boot:[v]Safe boot (*) Minimal. [restart] as you recommended.
    • But the result is the same: a 0xc0000001 BSOD with the options:
      • ENTER (repeats the 0xc0000001)
      • F1 Recovery Environment (goes to 0xc0000255)
      • F8 Startup Settings (Most of them go to 0xc0000225)
      • ESC for UEFI (where I boot from USB)

    • I can also bang on the F11-System Recovery key during startup, but this also gets me 0xc0000225. As I mentioned, sfc. and chkdsk come up clean, And none of the so-called "miracle cure"s like fixboot, rebuildbcd have helped.
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       13 Mar 2018 #14

    SFC, chkdsk, fixboot, rebuildbcd and many other commands many usually run is checked and verified when startup repair is run, if any of them is causing issues startup repair should be able to fix it after a few runs at most.

    Could I ask, what happened before this problem occured?
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       14 Mar 2018 #15

    There were no device or software installs for many months. I was mostly using LiveMail and Firefox--no games or similar unusual setups. It did not crash, it BSOD'd 0xc0000001 on a restart. My guess is that it was a MSft update on Jan 25--that was the only restore point. After the first BSOD I was able to accomplish a System Restore from the Recovery Menu (?) and it booted. I was very happy but then I got a BSOD on the next restart (soon) and then and thereafter all roads end up in a BSOD 0xc0000225 from the 0xc0000001.

    • Using Windows Installation.iso I can find a System Restore option. But it shows the same unique restore point (dated Jan 25) and notes that that restore point was due to a "critical" update. But this System Restore failed then and always fails now.

    Perhaps more than you asked for.

    Thanks for staying with me axe0--I know you are very busy with many cases.
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       14 Mar 2018 #16

    Do you have Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro?

    Using the ISO, could you run DISM and run the following commands
    dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth & dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth
    Could you also run the following commands so I have an idea about the boot structure
    list volume
    list disk
    select disk 0
    list partitions
    run the last 2 commands for each disk number.

    If possible, copy & paste the output, or take photos and post them.
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       15 Mar 2018 #17

    The information

    1. I have Windows 10x64 Home
    2. dism /online /cleanup-image /scanhealth
      I get the error message that disk /online can't be run from a Windows PE installation. (I was running from Winpese.iso)
    3. Diskpart: The output is out.diskpart.txt. Note that disk 1 is just the Winpese USB.
    4. Please note that I previously followed a number of online recommendations for fixing the BCD. For example:

    C:\> bootrec /rebuildbcd
    Please wait...
    Successfully scanned Windows installations
    Total identified Windows installations 1
    [1] C:\
    Now when I first tried to fix this problem. I wanted to be cautious and copied C:\Windows to C:\, using robocopy, I believe. Could this mean that bootrec cannot identify C:\Windows as an installation?

    • I've been through so many similar try's to get my system up. Quite possibly these rendered it beyond repair--though I hope not--and I certainly appreciate your generous efforts to help.

    5. I have also attached two images of my BIOS configuration, in case it helps.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Bio-2s.jpg   Bio-1s.jpg  
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       15 Mar 2018 #18

    Now when I first tried to fix this problem. I wanted to be cautious and copied C:\Windows to C:\, using robocopy, I believe. Could this mean that bootrec cannot identify C:\Windows as an installation?
    It shouldn't, but I'm not 100% sure, it would make sense with the given error codes though.
    For a next time, copy the Windows folder to an extern drive, if possible.

    If you copied the Windows directory completely with success, I would recommend to move the original Windows directory to an extern drive, copy as well for extra backup, and rename C:\ to C:\Windows. Be extra caution, with all the permissions Windows directory has there's a risk bound to this.
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       15 Mar 2018 #19

    Thanks, axe0. That sounds like a good idea--back them up first and them delete windows and rename .new. I will do that. I do understand why my permissions my not be all good--I don't recall the flags I used to copy back then. We'll see.
    I have another thought, perhaps you have time to comment on it. I can restore to factory defaults from the HP recovery drive. Not a great solution but I have made a .vhd of the C:-drive. (I checked it out by browsing it on my win7). But then trying to restore my situation by copying over old files and directories would be extremely difficult because I have many email accounts and a lot of other data that is scattered and it would be like trying to put Humpty Dumpty together again.

    • What if I did a factory reset and then copied the vhd back to my C:drive? Would this keep the new HP boot record? As I may poorly understand, the boot record is not part of the C:drive partition. This presumes of course that the problem is really in the MBR and that the error is not elsewhere on the C:drive--like a virus. I know little here.
    • But I presume that effective viruses don't kill the patient (cyber or living) because they wouldn't be able to spread.
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       16 Mar 2018 #20

    The main boot part is in the EFI partition, however, much of the boot control is on the Windows partition.
    There are many phases in the boot process, the part where Windows partition takes control is in phase 4 or 5 of ~10. If a system has multiple operating systems, the part where the option to choose is shown is the part where Windows partition takes over (if you select Windows). If 1 OS is present, a few seconds before you see Windows loading is the part where Windows takes control.

    Startup Repair checked your MBR and claims it's fine, it thinks your move to copy the Windows folder is causing the problem.

    Malware that can spread itself are worms.
    Malware is a bit like real life viruses, some can do a very annoying, but limited damage, others can get you killed. If there's malware that can get a pc killed, and there's no resolution, you need to buy a new pc. There's malware on the internet that can nest so deep that even a clean install of the OS does not get rid of it. In 2015 there was a vulnerability in the UEFI firmware that could let many pcs get infected by opening a pdf in mail for example (see presentation:, apart from that, from Hacking Team (see Hacking Team's malware uses a UEFI rootkit to survive operating system reinstalls | PCWorld) and NSA BIOS backdoor article (see NSA BIOS Backdoor a.k.a. God Mode Malware Part 1: DEITYBOUNCE)
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