whea_uncorrectable_error BSOD when running Unity 3D

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    whea_uncorrectable_error BSOD when running Unity 3D

    Built a new computer about 1 month ago with all brand new parts. Everything works great except one thing. Unity 3D seems to crash my computer with a BSOD with either of two errors. the whea_uncorrectable_error or the clock_watchdog_timeout error.

    Now, digging in, this only occurs if I start a 3D project (not a 2D one) or I open an existing 3D project. After finding this out, I discovered I could create a 2D project which opened fine, but if I went into lighting and added a skybox material and then turned on the auto-generate baked lighting option (which is on by default if you create a new 3D project) this would also crash it.

    I tried asking on Tom's hardware and they referenced me here.

    Things I've tried:
    1. Remove all overclocking
    2. Updated bios
    3. Windows updates
    4. Ran prime95 with the run hot test
    5. Ran memtest86 with each stick of memory on it's own
    6. Contacted nvidia and did a few things they suggested including running stress test on graphics card
    7. Uninstalled and removed drivers for 1080ti and switched to onboard graphics
    8. Reinstalled windows. Updated only graphic drivers and then installed unity
    9. Ran a few other diagnostic programs for cpu testing
    10. Updated ssd firmware and scanned it
    11. Ran chkdsk
    12. Updated graphic drivers
    13. Oh, and have not seen any overheating issues
    14. Probably a few other things...but I can't recall them all as I've been trying to figure this out for over 2 weeks.

    So far everything is passing all test and I am able to play games on ultra/very high settings without issues. It's just Unity 3D which appears to be crashing my computer when I try to do the baked lighting.

    The few things I do notice are
    Unity console showed Ambient Probes job failed with error code: 2 ("Failed to bake the ambient probe") and in the bottom right 1/3 jobs Reflection probes

    The other thing is when I try to test if Unity is working, sometimes it seems to disconnect other things. For example, I have battle.net installed for blizzard games. If I crash the computer testing Unity, then when I get the computer back up and log into battle.net, when it brings up to let me select a game, it claims I have none installed and I can find it or install it. I then have to link it back to the game folder again. This only seems to happen sometimes and after I have experienced a BSOD. If I reconnect it and then log out of battle.net and then log back in, it is fine. It just seems like it "forgets" where my games are installed.

    Thank you for any help provided. I have included the necessary zip file. Attachment 173265

    And a post to one of the forum post on Tom's hardware where I noticed something odd in one of the dumps. It might be nothing though since I don't really fully understand the dump files BSOD and weird section in dump file - Windows 10 - Toms Hardware
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    Have you created a ticket with Unity support team?
    If everything passes and it is specifically with Unity 3D, it is very likely to be a bug in Unity.
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    axe0 said:
    Have you created a ticket with Unity support team?
    If everything passes and it is specifically with Unity 3D, it is very likely to be a bug in Unity.
    Unfortunately, Unity has told me they have no reports of similar issues. So they don't have a clue.
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    Could you provide all the system information in your 'My Computer' part beneath your post on the left side.

    Furthermore, I need you to make another 4/5 crashes. Please upload the memory dump to onedrive, google drive or dropbox before crashing your system again, thus upload the current memory dump, crash the system, upload the new dump, and repeat this until there are 4/5 dumps uploaded. After you uploaded the memory dumps, put them in 1 folder and post a share link of the folder.
    I need some memory dumps for patterns and be able to see what happens at the other cores and process.

    I would also like to know if you're familiair with any hardware related options in Unity, it's been years since I worked in Unity and have forgotten a lot. I'll install Unity to check myself, but help is welcome :)

    FYI, I'll be gone for the weekend to a place where there's barely internet. I can be online, but when I am it will be via mobile and thus I can't look at the dumps. I'll check the dumps on monday.
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