Windows 10: Outlook (Office 07) set-up

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    Outlook (Office 07) set-up

    On this new laptop just installed Office 2007 and am attempting to set up email.
    Unable to get past the step which asks for a password provided by my ISP (see screenshot)

    Any idea of what this is about, or how to get around it?
    (gave up trying to get ISP to answer their phone)
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    When you set up your email account, you had to set a password for it.

    That is the password required here. You cannot retrieve email without that password because it is the password that confirms your identity.

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    Hello Denis, yes I have a password for the a/c which I've used for years...just not with Outlook.
    The thing is that the Outlook set up will not accept the password!
    It's the 'given by your ISP' that stumps me.
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    It might be that one of your other email settings is incorrect and that the password is fine. There is generally no specific indication of which setting is wrong, the attempt to retrieve email normally fails with the same re-enter password message whatever causes the problem [all Outlook really knows is that it has been rejected not why].

    The term "ISP" refers to your email ISP, your email account provider. I do not know what support your email provider makes available but most of them publish the settings Outlook needs on their websites.
    • You might have a choice of which retrieval method you want to use [pop, imap, EAS / Exchange server] in which case you can expect to see separate sets of data to use. There is an explanation of the differences in section 4 of the link below.
    • If they do not specifically mention Outlook, look for anything labelled as manual settings [for Windows or Android as they are all the same].

    Purely as an explanation of where to go in Outlook to set it up [because your email provider's settings will be different], have a look at the MSA forum article Setting up MS Office Outlook 2007 for pop email [migrated & non-migrated accounts]
    • If you have any questions then post them back here not there.
    • Your email provider ought to provide something similar to that but might simply list the settings to enter rather than where to go in Outlook to enter them.
    • If you find the right instructions in your email provider's website but still have problems then post a link to their webpage here and I'll try to guide you through them.

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    Thanks again Denis.
    Yes, that's exactly what I did (from the Outlook program and from User Accounts in Settings.
    I can't get past this window .... which will not accept password.
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    What I am suggesting is putting in the settings manually instead of using the automatic method you are using - it takes less than a minute to set up manually.
    • The error message from the automatic method cannot know which setting is wrong and always claims it is the password.
    • Incidentally, the diagram of setting up Hotmail shows a username that is not a full email address. You would normally need to enter a full email address in that text box but I do recall some email providers arranged things differently years ago.

    If you have the "Outlook/Hotmail connector" installed, uninstall it first because it is no longer compatible with MS email systems. This utility is something that you will have had to install deliberately so if you did not do so then there is nothing to remove.

    In the dialog

    set the checkbox for Manually configure ... and then enter the relevant settings as explained in the MSA forum article.

    I thought your previous post showed that you had another email provider [1and1 or something like that] but you now seem to be using Hotmail. I think Hotmail settings are the same as settings so you'll able to use the settings given in the MSA forum article.

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    Hold on. That username-password dialog you posted looks more like a Windows dialog asking for the username & password on your computer which has nothing to do with your email username or password.

    Do you know why your Windows username is trying to get involved? Does it interrupt you during other internet connections? I have never seen anything like this.

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    I have no idea and no it doesn't arise in any other application.
    Don't know if it's relevant but one reason I'm trying out Outlook is that after years of faultless use Thunderbird is having problems
    with hotmail. It can't reach the smtp server and times out. Very occasionally it sends but far from reliably and it takes ages.

    Am trying with full name ... thought I was there but it won't send! (can this be same problem as with T/Bird?)
    btw this is a brand new Win 10 laptop.

    While at least the a/c (@hotmail) did take this time any action I try, other than recieving, generates the password request.
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    Denis thanks heaps for your help.
    I've given up. The gmail a/c loaded fine into Outlook and sent and received ok.
    I don't know what's going on with hotmail but after the time spent trying to get it to send in Thunderbird I give up.
    (btw it received ok in T/Bird ... it's only in sending where the problem lies so I just have to go online to send).
    Best wishes
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    I assume that Michael is your username on the computer.
    • If so, your computer is asking for permission to connect so you need to put in Michael's computer password [i.e. nothing to do with email passwords].
    • What I think is currently going wrong using the automatic method is that is has already found an error before you have finished entering that password so it is failing every time.
    • Using the manual method to set up the email account will bypass this problem.

    It is years since I had a dial-up internet connection where I deliberately made it wait for permission so I do not remember what the dialog looked like. Outlook still retains some of the settings for this but mine are still in their default state [I have never had to alter them to get email working correctly]. The dial-up section is in the lower half of Outlook, Tools, Options, Mail setup -

    Click image for larger version. 

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    but, as I say, these settings are the default ones so yours are going to be the same already.

    I think you will solve the problem by setting the email account up manually instead of using the automatic method you have been using.

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