Windows 10: Passwords not being deleted.

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  1. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       07 Nov 2017 #11

    I'm out of ideas.

    So you don't sync your passwords, correct?
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  2.    07 Nov 2017 #12

    Not sure what you mean by that.

    This is what I do with a number of web sites that I am registered with such as this Forum. I log in put in my username and password and click "Would you like to store your password" or whatever the site might say. So every time I return to that site I am already logged in. Then from time to time I delete Browsing History including saved passwords and then when I return to those sites I have to log in again because my log in details have been removed. No problem. Now quite simply my saved passwords are not being removed but do not appear under Credentials (Which I didn't even know about until it was mentioned on this thread). I haven't made any changes and can only think that it is something to do with the Faa Update.

    Do your saved passwords appear under Credentials in Control Panel?
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  3. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       07 Nov 2017 #13

    What I meant by snycing. If you sign in with MS account and you have that syncing option on it saves your password in MS cloud (account).

    So you delete of device but I'm wondering if they are being feed from cloud when needed.

    I don't let browser save passwords. Not sure if they fix but Edge had, at least did, some sort of flaw. I use a passwords manager with no connection to cloud.

    I should also add I don't use Edge. I have Apple and MS devices. At the time Chrome was the only cross platform browser of the big three or four (Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome)
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  4.    07 Nov 2017 #14

    I have a Microsoft Account and sign in with a PIN. If I turn off Sync in Settings it doesn't make any difference. The passwords are still not deleted.

    I use Edge but not a lot. Also I downloaded Chrome last week when I didn't want it on an update from CCleaner, very annoying but I didn't see or clear the tick box. To completely remove Chrome is a problem.

    Ken, could I ask you to do something for me please. When you are logged into this Forum could you have a look under Web Credentials/Web Passwords and see if the Ten Forum web details are there. Mine do not appear.
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  5. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       08 Nov 2017 #15

    No problem. As I said I do not save passwords in browser but sure, I can try.

    So I went to Edge, went to TenForums and signed in. I removed the check mark for keep me signed in.

    I enter user name and password. Edge prompted me is I want to save password. I said yes. Went to Credential manager. Top of list, actually only one, Tenforums. So it did as it is supposed to do.

    To erase I went back into settings, Advance Settings and down to Passwords. I clicked on "Manage Passwords", then click on little X beside Tenforums. Went back to credential manager, site gone. Shutdown Edge. Started and type Took me to sign in page.

    I will note I deleted passwords using the "Manage Passwords" in Advance Settings.

    Different than yours as you said no Credentials are showing in Cred manager.

    Do you have another machine that you log into with your MS id? Is it displaying same behaviour?

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  6.    08 Nov 2017 #16

    Thanks so much Ken. I replicated you procedure exactly using Edge and everything worked perfectly.

    I usually use IE 11. So I did the same using IE and all worked well until I got back to the Win 10 Forum log in page having deleted everything and I found that I was still logged in although Web Credentials was clear and I had deleted Passwords in Browsing History. This must be an IE problem and is typical of all the other web sites that I have logged into and relied on Delete Browsing History/Passwords to remove my logged in status. It no longer works in IE since the update. I will have to make sure that I do not save passwords using IE in future.

    Thanks for your help.
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  7. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       08 Nov 2017 #17

    Very cool. As I said I don't use a browser to save passwords. Edge is leaky and I'm just not sure about the others. The info is way to important.

    I use a password manager, fully encrypted. I can sneaker net onto phone and tablet so my passwords are always with me.

    Good luck.

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  8.    08 Nov 2017 #18

    Thanks Ken. I meant to say that I don't have another machine to try this out on but will find someone with a Fall set up so I can see what happens with IE on another computer.
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  9.    10 Dec 2017 #19

    Piriform have managed to replicate this problem.

    It seems to me that a straightforward thing to do would be ask if any IE11 user who has updated with Fall is able to replicate this problem. Someone needs to sign on with their password and username to a forum or other website and save the password (NOT A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT). Then using "Delete Browsing history" with Passwords ticked see if their log in details are erased. They should be but since Fall they are not. Any takers please? For example I remain logged into the Forum regardless of the number of times I delete passwords. That never used to be the case.
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  10. Caledon Ken's Avatar
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       10 Dec 2017 #20

    Mine worked as advertised. Password deleted.

    I opened IE. Went to and logged into mail. It offerred to save password and I said yes. Closed IE. Started IE and went to, clicked on mail and it opened. Closed IE.

    Started IE, went to the delete panel. Removed the check mark beside "Preserve Favorites Website Data". Check mark everything below that and deleted. When data was deleted went to Click on mail. It said who are you?

    Is this the test you wanted.
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