Problem with logging onto site.. Solved

  1.    06 Oct 2017 #1

    Problem with logging onto site..

    I wonder if someone could help with a issue i have...i use Cyberfox as my main browser but this week i could not login to site where i purchased Iobit products from...all i get is a recurring login sign page ...when i click login box the page just blinks everytime i try to login.

    i installed Mozilla Firefox ( after i solved the problem by uninstalling a piece of security software which was causing Mozilla Firefox to display insecure website connection message )

    I logged onto the site again and it worked with Mozilla Firefox. I disabled Cyberfox add on extensions and started in safe mode to see if an extension was causing the problem...still could not log on ...could it be that and old login site page is sort of stored permanently in Cyberfox profile folder and needs updating...

    I know some members will say start using Mozilla Firefox then if Cyberfox does not let me log on to site.

    I prefer Cyberfox as it is a bit faster to work with...would completely uninstalling and re-installing Cyberfox solve the problem ? My internet security program is ok as Mozilla Firefox works ok

    Thank you
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    Hi treblefree.

    It very well could be a saved paged. One of the first things most support desks will say is empty cache. Not exactly sure how to perform in Cyberfox but this is standard functionality.

    Google deleting cache "Cyberfox"

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    Hi Guru,

    What i did was the last resort...i completely uninstalled Cyberfox using a comprehensive uninstall program which found 2115 Cyberfox remaning files which i deleted....thoroughly cleaned pc of junk files,cookes etc...restarted Cyberfox ...login back into site..and its working fine.

    Now all i have to do re-configure Cyberfox with my personal preferences,bookmarks...etc

    Sometimes you have to start from beginning.

    Thanks for replying anyway
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       06 Oct 2017 #4

    Great. Next time I would just check clearing cache. Clean is always better if you can find right tools to do the job. Glad its working.

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    Thank you for reply Ken,

    I did clean the cache,history,cookies etc using Cyberfox built in clean up option ( works like Mozilla Firefox )... but this process did not work as i still could not log on....i also downloaded Windows Repair Tool . I am a bit wary of using these as sometimes these cause more problems.
    Take for example Macecraft's Jv6 Power tools program and used it just after Windows 10 installation and it found some errors and i was careful not tick anything i was not sure of..deleted what was termed as junk and restarted desktop...nothing ...i had go through boot options to recover my pc and start all over again.

    Since my pc was not causing any problems nor my firewall settings the easiest option was re-install Cyberfox with fresh installations file and use Mozilla Firefox as a backup.

    Thank you anyway i will continue with personalising Cyberfox etc and left Mozilla Firefox as default setting with security options ticked.
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       06 Oct 2017 #6

    Very cool. Good luck. Thanks for posting your solution and marking thread solved.

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  7.    06 Oct 2017 #7


    Ok ...have a nice weekend and no need for further replies as issue has been totally solved
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       06 Oct 2017 #8

    treble, question please on Cyberfox.

    Is Cyberfox updated regularly ? From a brief search, seems the latest release was in Mar '17 ?

    What do you find are the advantages ? Your system specs state you are using Win 8.1 ?

    Thanks !
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  9.    07 Oct 2017 #9

    Why Cyberfox?

    Hell Torre,

    Originally i was using Mozilla Firefox as main browser from IE9 and i think somewhere on Window 10 Ten Forums some member mentioned Cyberfox as a suggestion to another member and out of curiosity installed Cyberfox to try and i have not gone back to Mozilla Firefox ( i now use it as a backup).

    1. I find that web pages load a bit faster and the add-on extensions that Mozilla Firefox use are also applicable to Cyberfox.
    2. The main Cyberfox home screen is uncluttered.
    3. You can personalise Cyberfox to your preference with its built in 'Customise Cyberfox ' option where in Mozilla Firefox you have to install a extension add-on.
    4. Cyberfox can be installed on Intel or Amd pc's 32bit or 64 bit.
    5. Downside the updates are not as regularly as Mozilla Firefox but this does not really bother me.

    Just try it and if you don't like it uninstall it.

    Cyberfox,Seamonkey,Waterfox ,Palemoon browsers are forks of Mozilla Firefox and i have not tried all of them but i find Mozilla Firefox family perform better than Micosoft Edge,Opera Apple Safari etc.

    The reasons stated are my opinion and pc users have their own browser preferences.

    I hope this has answered your question.

    Bye and enjoy your weekend.
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       07 Oct 2017 #10

    Appreciate the detailed reply.
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