We have just upgraded from 8.1 to 10 Enterprise at the school were I work. In many classrooms we started receiving reports of browsers crashing and freezing up momentarily. This happens most often with Chrome but I have seen it with Firefox and Edge. We tried uninstall/reinstall on all browsers, leaving and rejoining the domain, /flushdns, /releaseip, clearing browser cache, repeated reboots, checking for latest NIC drivers, Windows updates, etc. all to no avail. Then I tested the same machines with a USB wifi adapter and unplugged the ethernet cable. No problems with any browsers. Then I left our domain but reconnected the network cable just to have internet access. Again, smooth sailing. So, I rejoined the domain and the problems came right back. I don't believe we changed anything on our group policy administration or dns/domain controller before we upgraded the classroom computers. I'm not certain but think we might be using roaming profiles as well (I don't administer this stuff but am trying to help our with my limited network skills). Are there certain domain, group policy, or dns settings that we should check since the classroom machines now have a different OS? Any help would be appreciated.