Contacts from People don't show up in Outlook 2016?

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    Contacts from People won't show up in Outlook 2016?


    I have been trying to get a friend's contacts back working after his laptop died during the Creators update... He had been using Windows Live Mail and even with an intact hard drive I couldn't find his old contacts. Which is likely because he had NEVER exported them or backed them up. So after spending way too much time on that, we gave up on his old contacts.

    I went through his emails and built a new contacts list on his new laptop, only to find that his ISP email address wouldn't work in Windows mail no matter what settings or advice I followed from them. So I persuaded him to go with Outlook 2016 from his Office 2016 Pro Plus. That turned out to be a stupid idea on my part.

    I set it up and the email part now works flawlessly, but using the same log in account (not a Microsoft email address) his contacts from the People app will not show up in his Outlook 2016?

    Any thoughts on how to get the two apps to work together properly as I am lost as to why it won't work. I miss the good old days when you could simply go grab the address or contact folder from the drive on an old machine and move it to the right location on the new machine and keep the contacts you took years to accumulate.
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    Hi Canuck2fan. Welcome to the TenForums @Canuck2fan

    I read your posting and I think there are two ways to go, although I'm not sure of end game intentions.

    One, you should be able to export your "People" contacts and then import in Outlook 2016. This gets them into 2016 but that is it. (No syncing.)

    The other way is to use your Microsoft account as a "data" account which can be also used (sync) on phones for contacts / calendar / task information.

    Basically you are going to add another account to Outlook 2016, your Microsoft email account, and you are going to use this as the default data account and set your friends ISP mail as the default mail account.

    I followed this article so I know it works. My mail flows through my web site but I use the account as the book of record for contacts, calendar and tasks. If I change on phone, on browser or in Outlook 20xx they all sync. The one draw back is I have to manually place items from mail (ISP mail in your case) into calendar and I can confuse people if I invite them from my calendar, shows with my account.

    Where the article says set up a new account you would use the Microsoft email you already have.

    When you add things in Outlook 2016 you always want to use [email protected] section. By this I mean when you are in Outlook 2016 People you will see options in navigation panel. There will be a heading "contacts this computer only", possibly "contacts ISP" and "contacts [email protected]". You see this in calendars, people and tasks. Always use the [email protected]. ( keep using, it can be hotmail, MSN or live.)

    As you are just starting it is likely you don't need to move a big calendar but if you did.

    Of course the export from People and import to 2016 is the easiest. Is there a reason your friend wants "People" if she / he is using Outlook 2016?

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    Thanks for the reply

    Next time I am over there I will go through the process and see if it helps

    The maddening part about all of this is, he DOES NOT want a Microsoft account with a Microsoft email address.... He just wants to use his bell issued email address and have his old contacts or any contacts we save work. He has an ipad but it will not work with his ISP supplied email address, (funny story there have you ever seen an apple tech cry? I have when he kept muttering but this email should work, it always works with bell addresses this is an apple product after all, yet he and his manager could not make that ipad receive or send mail with that address. My 60.00 Kobo arc no problem and I showed them, that is when the tears started flowing...)

    So all I need is for him to be able open an email in Outlook 2016 start to type in an address and have it auto fill like it USED to do just fine, on his old laptop in Windows Live Mail. It is not like that used to be impossible I have always been able to figure out how to get his old contacts to work on every NEW computer he and his whole family have ever bought. Until the people app and windows 10

    I don't get why a contact list created in Windows mail 2 days before, will not work with a legitimate activated Outlook 2016? It isn't cross OS syncing or even from one device to another....
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    Interesting particularly as his Bell address was a microsoft address until last year when then decided to pull in house. For years he was using the exact layout of Hotmail white labelled as Bell.

    I recommend to all my clients to ditch Bell and Rogers mail. Having an account as his only address would make all of this flawless all the way through to his iPad. The transfer is quick and easy. Set mail forward in Bell mail to outlook and Auto responder to tell friends he address has moved. He doesn't miss any mail this way.

    One last upside, Bell can't hold his email account over his head when he negotiates pricing or threatens to change suppliers.

    Everyone I moved hasn't looked back. The mail stays in sync across all their devices, contacts can be changed anywhere and their calendar is final current.

    When Bell made the move to their own in house mail they did something to route requests destined for MS mail to their servers. Even when they want to use MS. It has been causing me issues for months.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply.... It might just come to creating a outlook email address for him because I can't keep recreating contact lists only for Bell, and Microsoft to destroy them every week. LOL

    I would have switched him long ago to an outlook account in a heart beat if I thought he could and his contacts could handle the change.... We are talking about the kind of person who refers to Internet Explorer and now Edge as MY GOOGLE, because that is the page I set it Edge to open at. I get calls all the time, after every Microsoft update saying. "MY GOOGLE is out, some MSN page took it over. If you just tell me how to get MY GOOGLE back I can go from there.... but this stupid MSN page doesn't work right." LOL

    When he switched email addresses the last time because of an ISP change 3 of his friends kept calling him saying he had been HACKED because someone was pretending to be him with a new email address. Even though I email bombed his entire contact list TWICE notifying everyone of the change.

    In fairness though if I was 77 yrs old I would just want the stuff to work the way it always did LOL
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    Hey I teach seniors, just started a class with twelve new students and I get then as old as ninety two. I hear you loud and clear.

    If you want to keep it simply stop using Windows Mail App. Log directly into Bell mail on browser and set as a start / home page, right behind whatever his first tab is.

    Install Teamviewer (get from on his machine and yours, quick way to support with fidelity view and you can run his machine exactly like you were there. Free if you don't use commercially.
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    92? They are just a pup yet...

    My Grandmother didn't get her FIRST computer until she was 89, then she bought 3 upgrades for MORE power before she passed at 98 years young. It really does depend on the individual.

    I tried to show him how to use the bell webmail.... Not a fan he likes Outlook 2016 I just have to get his system past this contact nonsense. It is like Microsoft is TRYING make him go all apple. He mentioned getting a mac air I told he was going to have to find a new person to help him then.... I refuse to even look at anything apple.

    Might have happened already if the manager and the smart tech or whatever they pretend to be at the local apple store could get his email address to work on his 900.00 dollar ipad.... I still wish I had a video of that episode.
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