Windows 10: Secondary email account not opening Solved

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    Secondary email account not opening

    I have two main email accounts one Hotmail and one with my ISP. Now I have set up a folder in settings and via the Outlook page but it shows no messages and I know there will be messages there because it is the back up email in case I have to redo my Microsoft account.

    Now at times I get a screen that looks like a starry night and there is my secondary account but I cannot get it to work through Outlook in the usual set up and I don't know where this starry night look comes from.

    Any ideas really appreciated because I do need that secondary account.
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    Anyone?? because I have tried all combos of passwords and ways of setting up this account and I cannot get it to work and it is essential for recovering my Microsoft info.
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    Might I suggest you open a free Gmail account and use that as an alternate. Then you can always sign into gmail with any browser and get email.

    Outlook and Microsoft accounts can also be set up to text you a code so they know its you. Very quick and easy. You say you forget, they send code, you enter and log in.

    If you make these changes in Microsoft account and can't verify yourself, due to lack of access to secondary account, MS will nag you each day you log in telling you that your security info has changed. This goes on for thirty days to ensure the real owner will see that the security info has been requested to changed.

    To short circuit the thirty days phone your telco and ask how to sign into your mail account with a browser. Then open and deal with verification email.

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    Thanks Ken mate I already have a Gmail account added though it gets very little use but same thing it doesn't download anything to an inbox or whatever.

    I might look up and do the texting thing too because this is enough to send one potty(er) never had this problem with the WLM.
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    Can you sign into Gmail using a browser at

    I would attempt this first to confirm password and any other security requirements it maybe imposing.

    Actually I'm not really sure how you are using this. I read that it is your alternate email account for security purposes but if you can't log in to to because of issue with account password I'm not sure how you are going to open mail from an alternate source.

    I like the texting option but like everything there is a downside. If you are travelling you need texts enabled and you need your phone. If your phone is damage your in a bind so I do keep my alternate email address active as Plan C.
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    You are not being at all clear, making it virtually impossible to know exactly what you are on about.

    1. Two Email Accounts. a) Gmail, b) ISP provided. Is that the case ?

    2. Can you access both Accounts by a Web Browser(Webmail) ?

    Email Client Application. e.g. Windows 10 Mail App.
    Which one ?
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    Yes Ken I can if I go in through Google but it is ususlally minor stuff and in Outlokk it is a mystery on how to change settings.

    [QUOTE][You are not being at all clear, making it virtually impossible to know exactly what you are on about./QUOTE]
    Helmut I have three email accounts
    Bigpond (ISP)
    Now Hotmail comes though no problems the Bigpond is coming though in dribs and drabs and I keep getting messages about the settings being wrong and no end of setting up that account will show it properly and I do get occasionally the starry night view with the Bigpond on it see pic but once it is gone I am back to square one
    The Gmail I very rarely use and again I cannot find any way of setting I tup through settings or otherwise.
    My Thunderbird shows Hotmail and bigpond with no problems at all it is something to do with Windows. Surely setting up another account should not be this hard.
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    Interest. You are using Thunderbird on the same account. Is the Bigpond account set up as POP in Thunderbird. If so, and depending how you have POP settings you could be downloading mail and deleting immediately. Then when you use the Windows 10 mail app, ( the screen does not the MS Outlook app) , there is no mail to bring down.

    Does Bigpond support IMAP accounts?

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    Yep Ken tht sounds like a reasonable thing t be happening but I don't know enough about POP and IMAP stuff to know how to set them up I know when I was using WLM this never happened and I used both mail servers in that I just remember setting incoming mail.bigpond.mail for both and it just worked.

    Mate I think this is just an Outlook thing and I bet my house on I was using the paid for version of Outlook there would be no issue it just seems Microsoft are being a but pedantic about it and well you have to think being greedy. I can check my bigpond account in TB anyway if I have to use that mail for verification purposes as frankly I a tired of it becoming very lop sided in favour of Microsoft and I mean the OS's in general not just the email service. Pretty flipping ordinary because as I think I have mentioned in many places computing is one of my few pleasures left in life and it is becoming so complicated to take part in.

    I might just leave it at this mate but thanks for your help and patience along with everyone who has chipped in because it seems to me that obviously Microsoft want to own one/evreyone lock stock an barrel just for the hell of it because surely they could not need more money.
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    One last check, just for sanity. Open TB. Click Tools, Account Options. Find your account for bigpond, click on Server settings. At the top it should indicate POP or imap.

    If bigpond supports imap I would move to it. IMAP allows you to see your mail anywhere and if you delte on one device it deletes on all devices.
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