Hi there

Outlook 2016 seems to have gone totally bonkers after latest update

Note I'm NOT using EXCHANGE servers

1) cannot Manually create new account -- it allows you to start the process manually but still tries auto config and if you have say a mailbox on a domain like example.com it won't create the account --so you can't then go in and change it.

2) on old accounts (from domains not your ISP one) I can create mail and send it with no problems - and I can see sent mail - but any inbound mail I can't see any mail in the inbox (always shows no items to display) and the only way I can get the email is to set the auto forward in the domain mailbox any inbound mail to my primary ISP account -- this means that the primary ISP account gets a lot of mail from different servers.

Anybody got a fix for this

all I want is to be able to create simply several email accounts from totally different servers (one ISP and several from hosted domains) - NO EXCHANGE stuff.

All the suggestions I've seen are from users setting up multiple accounts from EXCHANGE servers.

(probably time to go back to thunderbird again !!!)