Tonight in Edge I've been able to move folders in favorites to the top and have individual links at the bottom, when I first imported my favorites from IE each folder had the links inside it at the top of the list and the folders inside at the bottom. In IE it was the other way around, first I moved them (folders) to the top and when I opened favorites again they would have reverted back to the bottom. Since last night they have stayed where I moved them.

Another thing is when I would click on the + sign to open a new tab it would stay in the background, tonight they come to the front when I open a new tab.

Hmmm, I wonder if things are being snuck in, I haven't reserved my copy yet, still on 10240 TH1. In system it shows Windows 10 Pro, I've been dual booting W7 Home Premium SP1 since build 99xx, before that I was using VM.

I've attached a snip of what I'm talking about:

Attachment 26411