Windows 10: Mail applet in Control Panel will not open

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    Windows 10 Professional
       24 Aug 2017 #1

    Mail applet in Control Panel will not open

    I have Outlook 2016 installed. When I try to open the mail applet in Control Panel nothing happens. I have reinstalled Office twice and this is a fresh Win 10 install.

    Any ideas how to solve this please?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       24 Aug 2017 #2

    Hi QT Pro.

    Have you used Outlook yet, that is set up an account?

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       25 Aug 2017 #3

    Hi Ken,

    Outlook 2016 has been running for several days now and is my default email program. In fact, in the Control Panel the applet says "Mail (Microsoft Outlook 2016)".
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       25 Aug 2017 #4

    Okay. Just want to make sure.

    Not that it should matter but what do you want to accomplish in applet, maybe there is another route?

    One other route that does seem to get things working, generally, is the in place repair and upgrade process.

    Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

    This will upgrade your system to the Creator Update v1703, just FYI.

    I would make a full data backup just as a safety measure.

    Have you tried the repair process within Office?

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       25 Aug 2017 #5

    I appreciate the suggestion Ken however I do not want the Creator Update at this time as many people with the same machine as mine have complained it caused serious problems with gaming.

    I have not tried the repair process within Office but that's only because I have been unable to locate it. Perhaps you can point me in the right direction? The version I am using is 2016 Professional Plus v16.0.8201.2102.
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       25 Aug 2017 #6

    Glad I mentioned it.

    Link to repair for Office.
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       27 Aug 2017 #7

    Sorry for the delay in my reply but the whole thing went horribly wrong.

    First I tried the quick repair option but that said no errors were found so I went for the full repair option. All that did was uninstall the complete Office suite so I used system restore to get it back again. Windows 10 then decided I was never going to be able to use the internet again because although I ostensively had a connection and troubleshooter could connect to (but not via any browser), I could not reach any other site nor get my mail.

    In total panic, because this PC is used for business, I reinstalled Windows, all my drivers, and Office and still the mail applet will not open. I'm convinced something is seriously wrong with Win 10.

    As I said, this PC is used for business so I have since reinstalled my main programs and recovered all data from my backups. I think I will just have to accept defeat in this case but thanks very much for all your help anyway Ken.
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       27 Aug 2017 #8

    Okay and understood. That said what did you want to do in applet. Maybe there is an alternate route.

    Another place to ask the question is

    All Outlook all the time.

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       28 Aug 2017 #9

    Someone on Microsoft's help forum told me that unless the mail applet would open it meant my Office installation was corrupt but as I have remarked, it isn't Office that is the cause of all this nonsense.

    The reason I wanted to open the applet was to view the properties of my profile (his idea, not mine). My exact goal is to get all my mail accounts from Outlook 2007 on my older Win 7 based PC and transfer them to Outlook 2016 because the latter refuses to allow me to use the same login address more than once whereas Outlook 2007 would. That probably sounds a bit weird so to clarify, I operate several domains each of which has its own contact address. These get redirected to one of 2 primary addresses supplied by my ISP ( So, the customer sees and sends mail to the contact address of the site he is visiting and I reply from one of my Orange addresses except that he still sees the mail as coming from the site's contact address and the reply address of the mail he receives is the same. In other words, the Orange address is invisible.

    Like I said, this was always possible with Outlook 2007 but 2016 won't allow it so my thinking is to export the registry entry of my profile from 2007 then somehow modify the paths to the correct folders (I have yet to discover if that is even possible?).

    Would you recommend me to take this to anyway?
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1803
       28 Aug 2017 #10

    I would think they would have more knowledge around registry.

    I think I'm understanding what you are trying to do, still a little fuzzy.

    May I ask why you are using the forwarding? Could you not add the two individual contact address (individual accounts in Outlook 2016, all showing in one profile) and then just reply to each account as they contact you.

    I'm pretty sure you can reply from each account with the appropriate reply address or you can override so they all come from one, which you wouldn't want.
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