Hi there

I'm trying to add a new email account in Thunderbird

Somehow latest release tries to "Dumb down" the manual configuration and attempts to do it automatically.

However the email server I'm using isn't in Thunderbird's database so it seems to stay in an infinite loop.

WHAT'S WRONG WITH SOFTWARE DESIGNERS -- please don't Simplify apps too much -- give users choice of Auto / Manual config for these cases -- it's really not possible for Thunderbird to store every conceivable email provider in the database !!!!!!.

Surely at least if it can't find the email server it should say OK no server found enter manually.

If you hit Manual config it still tries the automatic lookup !!!!!!!!!

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Fix though (backdoor method) !!!

select a VALID email provider --say your ISP or whatever for the email server bit

Now you can CHANGE the settings to what you want (your real server , IMAP etc etc.

What a dogs dinner of a way to do it though. !!!!!