Where did my contacts go?

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    Where did my contacts go?

    I am running Office Pro Plus 2007 and went to send email tonight and all my contacts have disappeared. I looked in icloud and nothing but got this error. This set of folders cannot be opened. Can't remember how to bring a file from Notepad into here. sorry. Hope someone can help.
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    Hi Dakota37

    Just had a similar issue with Outlook 2016. I assume you are using Outlook for mail, correct?

    I'm going to suggest that the installation of major updates in Windows 10 breaks your installation of iCloud for the PC.

    Do you know when or if the Creators update was installed?

    If you log into icloud using your browser I assume your contacts are there and or you can see them on your Apple device, likely an iPhone, correct?

    Here is what I did to get it running for my clients issue. Read before trying, it may not be your solution.

    Shut down Outlook 20xx

    Signed out of iCloud, accepted warning that data on PC would be lost. (please know that your data is in iCloud before doing and I would recommend backing it up, Contacts, Calendar, tasks, notes, other)

    Click Start = Gear (Settings) – Click box Apps (V1703)

    In Apps and features scroll down to iCloud

    Right click iCloud, click modify

    In modify menu, select repair, then select Quick Repair. This installs files window update crunched.

    Accept message to restart machine.

    Sign back into iCloud on PC. Then go into settings for iCloud and set up calendars and contacts for Outlook. (add others as necessary, like tasks.)

    Open Outlook 20xx

    Click “File” upper right, then Account settings, then Account Settings.

    Click on tab “Data Files”

    In my situation I set default data files to Outlook, yours maybe different.

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    Where did my contacts go?

    Tried that but couldn't get that far, stopped after modify and said could not find. I have had problems with this before so maybe I will just use windows mail. not liking some of it but it will do. Thanks for your help and I apologize for my delaym, but was in hospital with lung failure, now on oxygen dependent the rest of my life,
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    Very sorry to hear about health.

    I'm using Outlook 2013, synced to an Outlook.com account. Works very nice and my iphone syncs very nicely with the Outlook.com account. I use this set up for Calendar, contacts and tasks. One draw back, since I don't use for mail, per say, is that if someone sends calendar invite I have to manually insert.

    If I add something on phone it flows to Outlook 2013 and if I add in Outlook 2013 (with Outlook.com set as data account) it flows to my phone.

    Now if I moved my email address to Outlook.com that would solve the calendar invite issue too.

    I think in your case if you can't repair ICloud I would uninstall it and then reapply.

    Take care. Post back once you are done.
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    I really don't know anything about the cloud. I reinstalled my contacts from a saved file so that now when I look at them they are there but when I try to go to them to reply or fwd, they still will not show up.
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    You want to get to the panel where you can see account settings. Second tab is "Data Files". You may have to set your iCloud account as the default data file. In Outlook 2013 you click on File, upper left, then Account Settings, then Account settings in drop down. Can't remember steps in 2007 but the pannels are the same once the Account Settings window appears.

    I say you may have to set. You said you re-installed your contacts from a file. Not understanding exactly where you restored them your default "Data" file maybe different.

    Could I ask where did you restore them too, your iCloud account, your Personal PST file or some other place?

    When you type a name if it does not appear you can also click on "Check Names" which should be in your ribbon to force the search.

    Finally, in my ribbon there is a menu item "Address Book". When I click on it it shows which account it will search for names. 2007 has similar functionality just a matter of how to get there.

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    What if I uninstall office and reinstall it, will it let me put in the contacts again? Sorry but you guys are over my head.
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    Sorry Dakota37. Not my intention.

    It may work, that said it will not be the same as I don't understand setup.

    The first thing I would completely uninstall is icloud, I would then reboot and install it and complete setup.

    Can I ask, why were you using icloud? (Just so I have a better picture).

    Next how did you restore your contacts, mentioned several posts back and when you restored them which address book do they show in?

    Have a look at this. This is how to set an address book to be searched when you start an email.


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    Thanks Ken, I did what it said to pick wich address book to be searched and found it. Was not under icloud but under contacts. hope that it stays there. Oh, I had exported a file of my contacts after I had made them a long time ago so will have to add some to it and change some because of age. That is where I got them from. Thanks again.
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    Great. You never did say why you were using icloud. If it was to get contacts to phone or tablet are they now appearing there?

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