Long story short, I have to create a small website for a class I am in. I'm not new to HTML, so this is easy peasy for me, but part of the focus is on usability, meaning I have to make sure the site functions across multiple resolutions and mobile devices. No problem, CSS to the rescue.

I also have to make sure the site functions across as many browsers as I can. Again, no problem until the other day...

Our sites are not published, we just zip up our files and submit them for grading...anyway, to test the site, of course we just open the index.html page from the hard drive in whichever browser and test it out.

So, about 2 days ago, I started having a problem with MS Edge. For some unknown reason, when I edit one of the pages of the site, the navigation link to that page will not work! Works perfectly fine in all the other browsers, but not Edge. Today, I created a new graphic for the sitemap page (I edited the old one) and saved the new file replacing the old one. Now, when I go to the sitemap page link in Edge, it will not display the new graphic! Nothing has been changed in the file names or anything. This is driving me nuts!

I've tried clearing my browser cache, rebooting, scanning for malware, moving the site's files to a different directory, nothing helps. If I edit any part of any of the html files, Edge just simply will not open them from the nav links. I can click directly on the specific html file itself and it will open, but it seems editing a file breaks the navigation link to the page even though the actual code for the link hasn't changed. Bizarre.

Also, as noted, if I open a png or jpg, edit the file, and even though I just save the file (no name change or anything), now that graphic will not display in Edge when I go to that page.