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After countless hours of research and troubleshooting I finally found the culprit. It seems that BenQ's Display Pilot causes this audio lag for whatever reason. Here are the steps I made to find the solution:
  • uninstallled and reinstalled every driver of every component
  • checked system/cpu/temperature -- all in nominal/normal values/
  • reinstalled a fresh copy of windows
  • one-by-one I disabled every program that ran at startup (this led me to BenQ's Display Pilot)

I did not even suspected that something that has to do with my display would even cause this issue.
Good sir or madam, you saved my day! I bought a new BenQ monitor and didn't pay attention that I had new software (Display Pilot) running. Now I think back and the problem started when I started using the new monitor. First, I thought there was something to do with the monitor but no, it was this Display Pilot after all. Thank you very, very, very much! Exiting the Display Pilot solved the problem immediately!