Windows 10: is it me or is ie11 better than edge?

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    Win 10 (test rig)
       21 Jul 2015 #1

    is it me or is ie11 better than edge?

    edge seems massively dumbed down, very bare options configuration compared to IE11.

    From what I can see all of the following are missing.

    No options to toggle tls 1.1 1.0 1.2 etc.
    No options to toggle gpu acceleration
    No options to set file cache location (I like to use ram disk)
    No security zones
    No tracking protection lists
    No addons
    No advanced cookie settings
    No per domain settings
    No options to adjust certificate verification
    No options to adjust UTF-8 and IDN
    No toggle for crash protection
    No tab options

    Basically edge feels like a mobile orientated app, as it uses the "modern" interface.

    Is there a reason to use edge instead of IE11? aside from future proofing as I am assuming IE11 at some point will be obsoleted by Microsoft.
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    Edge is still very early in it's development cycle.. give it time and it will get much better.

    Oh and I'm using it right now to post here and I like it.. very fast and clean.
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    Win 10 (test rig)
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       21 Jul 2015 #3

    except IE11 is also fast and clean
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    Chrysalis said: View Post
    except IE11 is also fast and clean
    The issue with IE is that some sites I use don't work with it. They only can use either FF or Chrome. So from that point of view IE is still way behind. I hope that Edge will be an equal to FF/Chrome. IE is on the way out.
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    Win 10 (test rig)
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       21 Jul 2015 #5

    so you want edge to become another chrome clone?

    IE is on the way out, what do you mean by that, is a bit of a vague statement.

    IE11 in itself has much less wrogn with it than edge, the only difference now is Microsoft have simply decided to stop updating it. They could have added new capabilities to it to render more sites. So the fact edge can render more sites doesn't make it better, you looking at it the wrong way,
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    If it is a clone that's fine with me.. I don't have to install it if I have to do a clean install of WIn10.

    IE is not going to receive any more development and it's going to still be way behind FF/Chrome and Opera.

    And Edge is still in development so it's going to take time for MS to add more features to it. That doesn't mean it's has problems compared to IE.

    Finally, It's my opinion what I think of Edge and as usual YMMV. It's just I see more of a future for Edge than IE. MS will eventually phase it out.

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    Hi there

    I'm probably a minority of 1 but I don't like Tabbed browsing -- I prefer IE11 with the full menus etc.

    Just me perhaps -- but I find navigation etc a lot easier with IE11 than Edge which seems to me too much like using a Mobile Phone type of browser.

    As far as speed is concerned --this is such a RUBBISH topic as 95% of the performance problems will be with your network, the remote network, your own hardware and the code (if any) that the remote site executes rather than any inherent performance with the browser itself.

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    IDK, but you can't send a page or link by email in either. Pretty basic missing stuff
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    for me I will be sticking with IE as my main browser, but will occasionally check Edge to see how it goes

    As Edge needs to be compatible with all versions of Windows it appears to me that it will stay looking like an app designed for the phone (much like other WinRT apps, Groove/Video as examples)
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    BunnyJ said: View Post
    The issue with IE is that some sites I use don't work with it. They only can use either FF or Chrome. So from that point of view IE is still way behind. I hope that Edge will be an equal to FF/Chrome. IE is on the way out.
    Hi there

    I must be doing something wrong here -- I haven't found any sites that don't work with IE11 -- try compatibility mode for those that don't work.

    Any chance of a URL link to test with.

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