since installing version 1703 I am getting memory-full warnings that I did not get previously. could be pure coincidence, or could be perversity in IE11, which I have mostly favored DUE to its efficiency. I notice that IE will automatically use both 64 bit and 32-bit instances of IE11. Is that normal, for some technical reason I haven't heard of? This zenbook has 8gb of ram and has never shown crowded memory before the upgrade to 1703. I thought Win 10 was supposed to be highly effective at caching to disk [in this case ssd] if need be and avoid such memory thrashing anyway, even on systems with 4gb or even 2?!?


for now I will shift to Opera and see if I get similar issues.

this could be a new memory leak in IE11 also... I have not tracked closely, but it could be running a tab so to speak while "sleeping" if many windows are left working