I am not sure if this is the suitable forum section or not.
I have exported my Android cellphone contacts into a single VCF file.
Then, I have sent that VCF file to my Windows 10 notebook via Bluethooth.
However, while importing contacts to Windows 10 Contact folder from that VCF file, I found this error:
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My contacts were put one after another until I got faced with this error below. About 91 contacts have been already imported into Windows 10 contacts folder.
However, then I was faced with error below. I don't know if this means that my contacts have reached to the end in the VCF file or not since I don't know how many contacts are there in the file. However, if so, I think, I would have been notified that the import process had completed well.
How to fix this error.

Bear in mind these points:
1- that there were 511 contacts exported from my Android phone memory to my SD as a vcf file while using "export/import" option under phone contacts. Exporting contacts in Android phones can only export contacts as vcf file?

2- Hoping to edit contacts saved in one single vcf file , and while intending to remove all data in my phone memory and SD, I sent the vcf file to my Windows 10 notebook via the Bluetooth to be imported there into my Windows 10 user 's contacts folder. So, to be able to edit contacts on my Windows 10, I had to open the contacts folder and selected "import" option . After that, I have navigated to vcf file. Finally, contacts were put one after another in that folder and I edit what I want to edit until I was faced that error.
I wanted to edit my Android phone contacts on my Windows 10 notebook since I have two reasons: the first is that my contacts saved on my phone memory are messed up. So, I am hoping to organise them on my notebook and keep a backup on my notebook. Then I will export back the edited contacts to a vfc file to be imported to my phone memory. The other i that notebook screen is far wide to edit contacts comfortably.

3- I imported contacts from vcf file to my Windows 10 user account's contacts folder. On my windows 10 notebook, I didn't use any Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express .
Did you mean Windows Live Mail is packed in Windows 10 installation by default? If not, then I did not use any mail Apps at all while importing.

4- that I have been trying to only import multiple contacts which are packed in one single vcf file. So while importing those contacts from vcf file to Windows 10 user account contacts folder, I was prompted with a "contact properties" Window, in each time click on OK, then I see contacts were put one after another in contacts folder of windows user account I m logger into. On other words, once I clicked on import option , then navigated to where vcf file is, then I saw that contacts were put in contact folder of Windows user account one after another until I got to one contact (I posted its screenshot previously) where I was faced with that error. Thus, my problem is NOT in your speech "importing multiple contacts, it is better to use .csv. When importing .vcf files, they need to be imported one at a time. "
The issue is the error appearing after I clicked on "OK" in the prompted window of that specific contact to let it be put/add in the contact folder as I did with others I was prompted with before.
So that error interrupted the process although there are still other contacts in the vcf file which I was still not prompted with as I was prompted with those already added. All contacts which were put/ imported from vcf file to Windows 10 user account's contacts folder were 91 out of 511.