Caledon Ken said:
CC Cleaner is a good product.

I guess where I was going was for lack of better word "Reputation". I'm thinking maybe Facebook has algorithms that look at your machine and say, yea its you coming from an established device. Then CC Cleaner, or any other cleaning type product, runs and scrubs away history, cookies or what ever Facebook is keying in on. You log in and it says okay its you but I'm (Facebook) not sure.

Yes I would think staying logged in would be good. That is my approach to Facebook, Twitter as well as TenForums, The Newspaper and my mail.
I have CC Cleaner set to save cookies for sites like this one, Facebook,, etc. so it doesn't clear the history or cookies for listed sites, but I'm sure you're aware of this. So I'll stay logged into FB and keep using CC Cleaner. I just hope this thing doesn't pop up again, but if it does I can always rely on you for good advice. Thanks as always and you'll probably be hearing me back here whining about one thing or another.