This is honestly one of the main reasons I use IE... so I can run installers without having to save, open, and delete when done.

(Yes, I know the Run option really just sticks them in a TEMP folder, but emphasis on TEMP, it'll get deleted on its own!)

So with the Creator's Update, I noticed some prompt about how the file won't be downloaded in protected mode. When I clicked OK, it didn't actually show up?

I went into Internet Options and turned OFF Protected Mode and rebooted. But still, if I click Run to any EXEs, the download finishes and...absolutely nothing happens. I can't even save and click open from that screen - I have to do "open folder" and run it in Explorer from THERE!

WTF is up with this? Can I fix somehow? I get security is a concern, but jeez, why even offer a run option if it won't @#$%ing work?

(Though, I downloaded Remote Server Admin Tools, which is a .msu file, the Run option on THAT worked)... and I can Open ZIP files, it seems to have just blocked .exe.