Hope this is the right place to post this, new to forums in general.
Using Win 10 Home edition/Google-Chrome/McAfee I occasionally use McAfee LliveSafe security suit Privacy tool to clean search history as well as other traces of cookies etc. from all browsers and PC at one time. However when I reopen Google chrome browser most or all of the bookmarks bar icons are not the original and often completely unrelated. For instance, instead of the purple square w/the white capitol Y for Yahoo mail sign in it has the white rectangle w/the Red capitol M that indicates Gmail. My bookmarks icon for my Electric company's icon is normally a blue star, but it now has the Gmail icon. L-clicking on it anyway usually brings up the proper webpage and usually reverts back to the proper icon/symbol but not always and sometimes the page fails to load "this site can't be reached" sort of thing. I have found most can be restored by right clicking on an Icon and L-clicking on "show apps shortcut" in the drop down menu.
Does anyone have any input on this topic? Or what can I avoid/uncheck in cleaning browser history, cookies, etc. Currently the only thing I don't have the sec. suit clean is "chrome saved passwords" it does clean the Registry, I'm suspecting that might have something to do w/it. Any productive input would be appreciated.

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