A couple of days ago I upgraded my HP Pavilion TS15 Laptop OS from the free MS Windows 10 Home version, with a purchased 2013 version of Windows 10 Professional. MS Office 2013 came with the package, and that included the email application, Outlook 2013.

I have four x email accounts - 1 x Outlook.com, I x Gmail and 2 x Hotmail., and after the upgrade decided to add all to Outlook 2013. The Outlook and 1 x Hotmail accounts were set up/added without any problems, including keeping their own folders.

However, at some point while adding 1 x Hotmail and the Gmail accounts, I appear to have accidentally linked the two accounts together. The folders lists that appear under each added account are exactly the same - as though both email accounts have been completely merged together, including the folder lists. In essence, all the folders in the Gmail account have been added to the Hotmail account folders list, and all folders from the Hotmail account have been included and added into the Gmail folders list...

Receiving emails difficulties: If an email comes in addressed to my Gmail account, the exact same email is also delivered to the Hotmail account, and vice versa. Additionally, if I prepare and send an email from one of the accounts - say the Hotmail account, then the same email is also sent from the other linked Gmail account. Everything to do with these two emails is automatically duplicated.

Sending emails difficulties: What is also most frustrating is that any email I send from either of the two rogue accounts, the end result is that the intended recipient gets two identical emails, one from each of the two linked accounts.

I need to somehow un-link the two email accounts from each other, to restore their original individual setup and folders/content lists.