I'm interested if anyone has information regarding the Resolving Hosts issue on Chrome. For several weeks, while using Chrome, most web pages took quite a long time to load. The browser flashed the message in the lowerbar "resolving hosts". After quite a bit of research, there seems to be some concensus that the fault is with Chrome while running on Win 10. I should metion that I spent quite a bit of time dealing with my ISP, disabling Chrome extensions, re-installing Chrome, basically anything I could think of that might resolve the problem. This included every "fix" I was able to find on the web. Nothing worked.

Finally, I uninstalled Chrome and installed Firefox, which works fine. Two days ago I downloaded the new version of Chrome, and the Resolving Hosts message immediately came back. I uninstalled it but if the problem can be fixed I would like to use Chrome again. Any suggestions?