Windows 10: Have lost ability to edit copied material in a Reply in Win Live mail

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    Have lost ability to edit copied material in a Reply in Win Live mail

    I was not able to help a friend with this today: she has partially lost the ability to edit (to use her cursor in) her mail program online in Windows 10. This problem applies specifically to composing a Reply while showing/editing the original message. She can, of course, physically copy the referent material into the message box, but that is a pain. Any ideas?
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    While this may not be the root cause of your issue it could be related.

    Windows Live Mail has been shelved and its ability to work with Microsoft accounts was announced several months back. Here in Canada plenty of the people I support use it for Bell mail, which is no longer Microsoft mail, and it can be very hit and miss. I moved them either back to Web based mail or to Thunderbird.

    It could be with the end of support, which was January 2017, Microsoft Windows code may not, and I am just supposing, be as integrated as it once was.
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    M-m-m. Good thinking. And I am sorry that I led you astray. Sue uses Outlook mail online. That is where the problem is. Obviously, my term, Windows Live Mail, referenced a wrong app. which is part of Win 10? or left over from 8.1 and earlier? and how do we differentiate the Mail program that is part of Win 10 on a PC, which I really don't like?
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    All good questions, one that should have been asked by marketers before they sent us down this rabbit hole.

    I will try - Windows Live Mail is part of Essentials - it is a desktop program and can get mail from any service. It was a replacement, I think, for the free version of Outlook Express that came with XP.

    Then there is Windows Mail app - part of Windows 10 and the built in mail app. Again able to go and get mail from any service.

    Then there is the Outlook app which you can load on your Windows 10, Andriod or iOS phone. You get at store. Again, it gets mail from any service.

    The there is Office 2016 - Outlook - this is the full blown desktop mail client.

    and finally - which is the rebranded and improved Hotmail. I think even they realized the name is confusing so I'm hearing it called Office 365 or at least we were switched to that template. Everyone with an msn, live hotmail or outlook domain can access their mail at

    I think you are saying she uses the default Windows 10 Mail app. If it has a big O in the icon it is the Outlook app.
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    Great exposition. Just what I was hoping for. Both Sue and I dislike the "default Windows 10 Mail app." I cannot quite remember whether I used the store app or simply did a shortcut from the site. I do have the "envelope and big O" as icons on the desktop.

    Now I can definitively say that Sue's Edit problem is with the version of Microsoft mail.
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    Sorry, promise last question. Are you "leasing" office 365, where you pay $99 a year but get word, excel, powerpoint, etc on up to five PC's. If so you have Microsoft Office 20xx Outlook. (The icon is very close to the less functional app just because...)

    If not, it is Outlook the app and at least if we identify then that may help someone to help.

    For my accounts, I use the browser. The functionality in the browser is right at your finger tips, you can set up "Sweep" rules for newsletters, mail rules for handling junk or important stuff. In upper left corner are nine dots which give you full access to people, Calendar, Task and the entire Office suite.
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    Yes, Sue uses her browser for accounts. This is where some of the functionality mysteriously disappeared. Hoping not to muddle again, but, yes, she is paying the $99. I believe that she is ignoring the mail app with Office. Or I am not seeing something.
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    Okay, so for sure this is browser based mail. So this icon on her desktop with the big O is a short cut and you can see the little short cut arrow on the Icon.

    If this is true browser based mail the Sue needs to try another browser. What browser is Sue using?

    Lets try Chrome or Firefox. I recommend either and I like the fact that I can use same browser on phone.

    Please try and report if functionality changes. If she is using one of these try the other. I also noticed while we've been talking that MS released another cumulative update with a bunch of fixes.
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    "Okay, so for sure this is browser based mail. So this icon on her desktop with the big O is a short cut and you can see the little short cut arrow on the Icon.

    Sorry, a little confusion here. Just skip this post.
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    Its easy. Go to and they will likely offer you Chrome in the upper right corner. Or get Firefox here.

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