Windows 10: Can't view any sites except with Chrome

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    Can't view any sites except with Chrome

    I have used this Asus ROG laptop for over a month without any problem. It started having internet problems.

    1. I can only view with Chrome. I can't use it with IE 11, Edge, or Firefox.
    2. Initially, other sites would work (with all browsers) after restarting. It just didn't work even with rebooting last night.
    3. I checked the proxy at Internet Options > Connections > LAN setting, and no proxy setup.
    4. cmd > ipconfig shows all data fine.
    5. All other devices (phone, other PC connected through wifi) work OK.
    6. I checked Adapter settings for the ethernet card (this PC connects directly to router). It shows IPv6 Connectivity as No network access whiel IPv4 shows connected. I remembered I unchecked IPv6 before and turned it back on before. It may start having problem after that.

    Without going through the reset of the laptop, what are the things I can do to make it work again?

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    Welcome to the TenForums @wfz

    I'm a little confused. The title of your problem is "can't view any sites except with Chrome". Then it appears in point 1) it is just you can only view youtube in Chrome and that youtube does not work in other browsers.

    Could you explain issue.

    Can I ask why you are disabling IPv6? Was this a requirement by your internet provider?

    With these proposed solutions stop once it is working.

    Power down your router, count to 20, power on. Wait for network to establish.

    With all the browser you listed you can delete all temp files, cache, cookies and history. Please do so.

    With Chrome, IE11 and Firefox you can reset browser, please do so.

    Could you download and run Malwarebytes from You may have to use another machine with working browser. If scan finds issues, clean, reboot and run scan again. If it won't run post back.

    Type trouble shooting into Cortana, click on Troubleshooting at top of list, run network trouble shooter, click on Advance, run as administrator, click next.

    If you go Settings, Network and Internet, on the page that opens scroll to bottom and reset your Network connection.

    If you start to run these commands run all. Run from command prompt(admin)

    ipconfig /flushdns (Clear the dns cache)
    nbtstat -RR (release and refesh NetBIOS names)
    netsh int ip reset (reset ip settings)
    netsh winsock reset (Reset Winsock Catalog)

    Don't enter the info in brackets, it is there to tell you what command does.

    Post back.
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    Caledon, thanks for the advice.
    Sorry about the confusion. I meant as you said. youtube is the only site that works; not any other site.
    I turned IPv6 temporarily just to see what it does. All I did what to uncheck the item and turned it back on after not seeing any differences.
    I tried your suggestions: clean up cache, run network troubleshoot (I stopped it after running for 15 minutes without findings), reset network, run all commands in CMD Admin. It still not working. After running all the commands, one site I visit often worked but it stopped working again after rebooting.
    I also tried a things from youtube; e.g., ping, ping both responded. (I can see from the start but it won't be able to show search result. Or it shows the result but you can't go to any site.) I also tried changing some IP addresses, but they didn't do anything.
    On thing I noticed was that IPv6 string has the last item with more than 4 characters and it had a special character either % or $.

    So what else can I tried. I have not tried MalwareByte yet. I will try to download and run tonight.

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    Did you reset Browsers?

    Please run MalwareBytes. Not sure why malware would only let you see Youtube.

    You could also look in your host file to see if something has joined you uninvited.

    C: => Windows => System32 => drivers => etc

    Right click on host file and open with Notepad.

    Normally there is nothing but commented out entries in this file, those lines with the # sign at the very left are commented out.

    I assume you are not using any kind of VPN software. Could you also go Settings => Network and Internet, scroll to bottom of left column, click on Proxy. Detect settings automatically should be on, Proxy servers should be off.
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    Caledon, Thank you for all your posts trying to help. Eventually I reset my laptop during the weekend to get it working now.

    Best regards,

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