Windows 10: Opera browser any good since being bought out by chinese ?

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  1.    14 Jan 2017 #11

    Tonyb: I'm staying on the sidelines for the time being. It's all well and good to say that there could be spyware in other browsers and/or software from other countries BUT China has a very bad track record when it comes to human rights and privacy and as for obeying rules of law one only has to look at the South China Sea to see how China operates (i.e. it does as it pleases for its own good). Why have so many software engineers left Opera so recently (i.e. Bruce Lawson and his team to name but a few in November)? I will not use the Opera browser until I have more assurances that things are on the up and up and so far there is nothing to convince me to bother with it. Someone else mentioned Vivaldi as a possible alternative and I would also recommend it. But if you are going to make use of Opera, I would not commit any passwords to it nor would I do any financial transactions on it nor make any social media comments with it. Just my two cents.
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  2.    14 Jan 2017 #12

    ok i was just going to use it as a back up browser in addition to google chrome do you think it would be ok to do that with it and just general web surfing and stuff. Also my password manager is norton so i doubt it would be able to get them from it :)
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  3.    15 Jan 2017 #13

    Like many others I've uninstalled it and I'm just waiting on the sidelines to see what develops. I think it should be fine to use, Tonyb, but personally I would not use it for financial transactions (shopping, banking) until more information is available. I'm currently using Vivaldi and finding it much like the old Opera and very configurable. It's peppy and the big plus - it's secure. You might want to take a look at it.
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  4.    16 Jan 2017 #14

    [QUOTE=Phone Man;912285]Give Vivaldi a try. It is written by the original designers of Opera.

    Vivaldi The Web browser you will love! Powerful, customizable, secure, free and fun Web browser from Vivaldi Technologies!

    +1 for Vivaldi
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  5.    16 Jan 2017 #15

    I got confirmation from opera software on twitter here is what they said i think all is a ok and i might use it :)

    Hi, yes part of the business has been bought by a chinese company but the browser is still built in europe and thus underlies european privacy law. /Rosi
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  6.    17 Jan 2017 #16

    so what you all think with the response from opera i posted think it's ok to use it ?.
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  7.    17 Jan 2017 #17

    I suppose it boils down to a matter of trust. Did you know that Bruce Lawson and all but one of his team of engineers quit Opera back in November over the acquisition? They won't say why they left but they're all looking for jobs elsewhere. I suppose it's pointless to speculate but I throw this out as a point of information. I'm using a Lenovo laptop and we know that Lenovo is Chinese made. Could spyware be hidden in this hardware? I suppose but it's highly unlikely. Could spyware be hidden in Opera's coding in spite of it's "being under European regulations"? I suppose but again, it's highly unlikely. Is Opera safe to use? I personally would not use it for any financial transactions... period - no shopping, no banking, nadda. But to browse and read news and so forth? Why not? Go for it.

    I do think, however, that you might also want to check out Vivaldi since it is built by former Opera engineers.
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  8.    17 Jan 2017 #18

    cool good point i think i might go ahead and give it a try :)
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