I have been on the free version of Sandboxie(Sandboxing my Browser)for a couple of months now and have been noticing of late that sometimes when I have Firefox(the latest version)up and sandboxed that it isn't letting the website work like it should.
An example of this would be that I was on Pizzhuts website trying to order a pizza and when the website came up it was stuck on a certain page and would not let me go back to the home page so I just clicked on find a pizzahut in my area entered my info and it said there was no pizzahut in my area(I have one right next to my house).
I first just figured the website was not working properly but after thinking about it I decided to close the sandboxed browser and open firefox up not sandboxed and the pizzahut website worked just fine.So I closed that browser and opened it up sandboxed again and the pizzahut website worked just fine this time.
Now I have been noticing this happenning on several other websites when I open them up sandboxed and after I do what I just described above the website starts working as it should.
So anybody have any ideas why a sandboxed version of firefox would make websites not work properly......Let me know your thoughts.....Thanks!