Hello guys,

So i have been facing this problem a while now, i have been googling trying to find a solution to fix my issue for about 4 hours now, which is why i am posting this now.

I'll just explain the issue first:

The issue is that, if you see the screenshot below this is a message that normally appears when opening attachments in Outlook 2016.

After unchecking "Always ask before opening this type of file" when opening a PDF file (the screenshot below is about .zip, i know but it is just an example), whenever i now open a PDF file it opens it straight away.
I want the popup box like the one below back, but it seems like the only fix is for Windows XP.

I also tried reinstalling office, this was before googling etc. I believe this is a Windows setting somewhere, but i cannot find it. Can you guys help me to re-enable this popup?

I am running Office 365.

Click image for larger version. 

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Thanks for any help!