It's so, so, SO irritating. If like me you have got a high resolution monitor, then in order to get generally get text on your screen to be a sensible size to read, you need to change the scaling ("Custom Sizing") of text at the Windows level. In my case use 125%. Everything then works fine with the exception of the Microsoft Outlook (all versions including 365) always seems to mess with the actual image you insert into an email's text. In my case it rebuilds the image completely increases the wide by 25%. Changing the DPI setting within the image itself doesn't seem to help. In fact even sending a GIF (which have no internal DPI setting) rather than JPEG doesn't seem to help either.Worse, every time you then forward the image within an email thread bl**dy Outlook resizes it AGAIN and it can wind up getting larger and larger AND LARGER with each forwarding.Have you guys worked out a solution beyond don't use Outlook?!

I have tried using Mozilla Thunderbird and forwarding emails created using them but still Outlook resizes any inserted images.

I have asked around in Outlook forums but nobody seems to have an solution to the problem.


PS Attached images are ok but are a pain for the recipient to open separately!