My problem has 3 parts I feel all are related.

1. My favorites bar is visible and I get one successful use of it. I can select a saved address and go to that location via the browser then the address bar is still visible but I cannot open or use it. However, I can access favorites via the side panel setting hub.

2. I get the malfunction or browser error occasionally where a page goes blank and I must open another tab before returning to the blank page whereby it is then visible and available.

3. If I use the settings hub to access various features all seem to work for me except when I go into Advanced Settings then it is as if the menu is invisible, I see it but if I click or try to select or change anything the resulting action is taken from whatever is active or displaying on the webpage behind the hub advanced settings.

Microsoft Edge has always had some interesting anomalies on my system, including windows 8 and a different video card and monitor. My screen resolution is 1920 x 1280. Vizio HDTV hdmi M70-C3 series.

I am a windows 10 pro user x64. NVidia GeForce 740 all drivers are up to date. I have always reformatted and chosen to do a clean install of any new major OS revisions. My browser zoom is set to 100%.

Thanks, Droidly