Since upgrading to Win 10 and then to v.1607, Firefox started causing innumerable crashes that Windows wouldn't recover from without a lot of re-booting. I thought it was Kaspersky at first, but since switching from FF to IE11, so far all is OK again. The big problem is the inability to migrate data into IE11 as far as I can see. No problem with manually copying the bookmarks and importing those from the file, but I cannot find anything (except third party apps, that I am not sure about) to deal with all the passwords etc.

I would quite like to be able to weed them out at the same time and could certainly do this manually via FF (but not on this PC any more!) I have copied them as .csv and .xml files via the FF add-on 'Passport Exporter' on my sync'd notebook, but cannot see how to paste these into IE11 - if at all.

Any hints will be appreciated.