Can I make "Open In New Tab" the Default, Edge Favorite Bar Icon/Links Solved

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    Can I make "Open In New Tab" the Default, Edge Favorite Bar Icon/Links

    Issue/SUBJ: Regarding MS Edge Features Customization/Hack.

    Good Day All! I hope you're all enjoying a pleasant one.

    If Possible, how can I make "Open In New Tab" the Default when I click on an Icon on the Favorites Bar, and, if possible, other Links in General?

    All The Best!

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    In a word, no. How Microsoft Edge handles tabs is the single biggest problem I have with it. It's something I really can't get on with, to the point I keep going back to Internet Explorer because of it (that and it's inability to create desktop shortcuts).

    What you can do is use the middle mouse button (scroll wheel button) to open webpage links/favourites/favorite bar links in a new tab. The problem is though, with Edge the focus doesn't go to the new tab that you opened, so you need to then manually click on each tab too (which is a PITA when you're opening and closing a lot of tabs all day long). On Windows Phone, it's even worse as you need to go into a separate tabs section to then click the link you wanted to just open in a new tab.

    In Internet Explorer it's possible to customise the new tab behaviour so that it will "Always switch to new tabs when they are created". But you can't do that with Microsoft Edge.

    It is possible to open a link in a new tab in Edge and automatically switch to that tab by holding CTRL and Shift when clicking on webpage links, but it's not a particularly workable solution and also this will only work on links in webpages, it won't work with your favourites/favorite bar links.

    And finally, because Edge is a 'Modern' app instead of a Win32 application, mouse software such as Microsoft Mouse & Keyboard centre also won't allow you to assign an application (Edge) specific macro to automatically press CTRL and Shift when middle clicking a link, so that's out of the question too.

    So to answer your question, you can click links with the middle mouse button to open them in a new tab, but not change the default behaviour or automatically switch to the new tabs when they are opened (like you can in IE).

    Internet Explorer setting to change tab behaviour:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Last edited by ARC1020; 17 Oct 2016 at 15:20. Reason: Clarified middle mouse button = scroll wheel button
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    Thank You for that Rapid, Intelligent, well written, response. I getcha'! It's no big deal, If there was a way, it would be a nice plus but... I have a new HP Latop that came with Windows 10 and of course Edge, and "Cortana" (what's happening in the world of Computers?!). MS recommends that I use 10, that I use Edge with 10 for the Best Performance and Browsing experience, and MS also recommends that I use Bing for the same reasons... and I guess I might see more of that. I'm almost afraid what will happen if I don't use the MS recommended stuff.

    I haven't seen anything in Edge or Ten that makes me go "OOh, AAh!". I wish that when one buy's a new computer, that one would be able to choose what operating system they wanted loaded, and what version. Maybe upon First Boot. I have Windows 7 on two other computers. I like Seven fine and dandy. I like Chrome the same. I like MS Works and I use Open Office and lots of accessories, utilities, extensions, programs, etc... Win Ten is just so Odd!

    Win Ten comes with a lot of garbage. "Cortana"?! Are they kiddin' me?! whaddaTheyGotOverThere?!?! children software "engineers", Boyscouts/Girlscouts Combined Computer Club, it's like 2001 Space Odyssey! I almost expect my computer to ask me "will I dream?" ...and all them multicolor squares, also immature in nature, follow the bouncing colored blocks, Johnny"... and them blocks, loaded with junk, I have absolutely no use for.

    Know what! I haven't used an anti-virus program in well over 15 years. Never had a virus. I have used and still use Winpatrol Plus. It's not an AV program, but maybe it's doing something AV in nature. Dunno! I tried a bunch of the most popular AV Programs, and all they did was make a mess, bog things down, and annoy me. One of them, I think it was Avast, totally wrecked my Op-Sys, and it took a lot to get things fixed so I could boot up, and clean that garbage away as quick as possible. Their tech support said they were aware of the problem but had no fix for it. I said maybe they ought to advise the public about the problem while advertising Avast's worthiness. Forget about McAfee! I don't even want to go there. And then it seems everything is becoming "Apps". And you no longer "purchase" software, you rent it, year by year. By the time I get done nuking all the junk off this new laptop of mine, there won't be anything left.

    I think also, if/when MS disables support for previous versions of Windows, that they should freely upgrade those that are being disabled and give free upgrades of Ten, to get their customers on the same page, as they wish, and forcing them to do so, instead of leaving their disabled customers in the dust. It's simple: If you take away the support for the operating system/software I paid for, then you ought to Give Me, at No Charge, the stuff you wish me to replace it with.

    So I'll just keep playing with Windows 10 and Edge. I have to give them a fair chance. OneNote! Ha! It's like some kind of silly Shareware thing from 20 years ago. Bye-Bye! Boy! The junk they got loaded on here. I might just nuke the whole thing, clone one of my other systems on to this one and call it a day.

    See Ya Round!

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