I have been using Chrome for a number of years now, but on a whim I decided to load up Edge, and wow, what a difference as far as scrolling and swiping. I didn't even realize, but the scrolling on Chrome is quite labored in comparison. It's much slower, requires more movement at slow speeds, and is much less intuitive.

Also, the two-finger swipe to do browser back-forward works really well in Edge, and not at all in Chrome.

I notice the difference also in scrolling with the touchscreen, though it's far less significant.

I'm wondering if this is a Windows thing, a Dell drivers thing, or a Chrome/Edge thing. I don't want to move over to Edge, but I might if I can't bring them both more in line. Any ideas on the cause? I've started here assuming it's a Windows 10 thing (or even Edge, since it's baked in to the OS).