I have recently moved from a desktop computer with Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail to one with Windows 10 and Outlook 2016. I am still on a learning curve with the last, but after some difficulties have managed to migrate my emails from WLM to OL; still having problems importing my Contacts into OL. However without warning or any remembered action from me, the screen suddenly seemed to "go wild" and made changes that I am trying to rectify. Having set unread emails to be coloured red that setting was reversed so I have had to reset it.

More importantly, ALL my emails are now marked with a greyed out flag although I had never set any flags. I cannot find a way to get rid of those flags; even using Follow Up doesn't work. I have now noticed that all new incoming emails and outgoing emails are marked with the grayed out flag. Also there used to be the word "By" on the top right of the Headers Pane (correct name for the pane to the right of the Folders Pane showing who from, date and size of email?) which, when clicked provided a drop down list of fields to select (e.g. Date, From, Subject etc.) to determine the sort order of the emails and display that field name adjacent to the word "By". The word "By" has disappeared and been replaced by a bar above the first email showing each of those fields and when clicked they will sort the emails to that field order.

Another problem is that incoming emails are not being sent to folders as directed by the Rules I have set up, (similar to those that worked in WLM) and remain in the Inbox and then have to be manually moved.

I would be grateful for suggestions (hopefully ones that are known to work) to resolve these problems.