I am brand new to this forum and not sure how to share what I have discovered today. I have spent hours/weeks trying to solve the problem of my photos not attaching to email when I select send to mail recipient. I have been going round and round in circles and today I found the solution that works, but not sure how to share on any of the windows 10 forums. Happy for someone to point me to where this post might become useful to people who don't speak the computer lingo that a lot on these forums do. That is not meant as a criticism for those of you in the know, but some of us don't know how to change such and such a line of text and other such instructions to solve our problems.

So here goes:
I am using windows 10 on my new laptop a Lenovo ideapad 100 which I have had for 1 month.
Previously on my old laptop I could right click on any photo (in windows 10) and choose "send to mail recipient" and the photos would automatically attach themselves to an email and even ask me to resize if I wanted to.
But on this laptop that would not happen, kept getting an error message of needing to associate the type of file, in this case photos, with my email program. I did this repeatedly, as did my husband and nothing changed, it drove me mad. However, today this is what I did and it worked. So hopefully for people like me with bald patches in their hair, I hope I have found a simple solution to what seems to be a big problem.

1. Select control panel, and then select default programs
2. Once the window opens up with all your default programs, scroll down to Thunderbird email prog
3. Select Thunderbird and the window opens giving you two options: 1. set programs as defaults 2. choose defaults for
this program.
4. Choose option 2 Choose defaults for this program. when this window opens up you will see that Extensions, Protocols
and Mapi are usually already ticked. If not tick any that are unticked.
5 What you will then notice and something I missed or ignored is a little box that says tick all, just about the options box
make sure you tick this box as well. (I don't know why, one would assume if all boxes are already ticked that would do
the job but it seems that its this little box that makes the difference) Make sure you save your choices and exit the
control panel.
6. The go to your photos you want to attach, right click, send to mail recipient and hopefully you will have solved your
problem It worked for me and I can now sleep at night lol. My email program doesn't always open up on the screen
after this action, so I have to click on it from the menu bar. I hope I have helped a few others who, like me have spent
weeks, trawling the internet trying to find a solution. If this isn't a windows 10 problem and more of a Thunderbird
problem then I am happy to post it there to.