Even a fresh install of Windows 10, I have noticed, much as in past versions of windows but seems to be much worse with the Edge browser, that some webpages seem to REALLY bog it down, like somes pages from MSN.com and others...as in years past NOTHING will really go forward and work until whatever is causing the bogdown gets resolved..this seems to be something that since day 1 was built into the code of either windows or the browswer or both that tells it 'you can click 'til you are blue in the face, but nothing is gonna move forward until whatever is bogging down this page gets resolved!' lol....And it seems much worse now with windows 10 and the Edge browser, anyone else experience this? I'm guessing their much be something in certain webpages coding or something that stalls the browser...ok if that's the case, why code things to where it brings windows to it's knees? Why can't they code some kind of workaround that allows you to continue to work in windows while the page issue resolves itself? I cannot STAND the infernal 'hourglass or spinning circle of futility' that windows is legendary for....We shouldn't have to resort to cntrl alt delete to bail out of things, someone should be smarter coding this stuff, imo.