I volunteer to do computer technical help in our local Senior Center.
Yesterday I could not help one elderly person and I wonder if anyone else has an idea of how to proceed?

This person uses a Windows 8.1 laptop to read her email from Windows Live online.
Her email is in 'hotmail.com' and she has had it for many years.

A few days ago she got a warning that she had to re-verify her account because someone else may have used it.
She tried some things before she visited me.

When I tried to fix it, we went to the verify page and it asked her to verify using the secondary email account she had on record. That was a Yahoo account that she never used and it was now defunct.

So she tried the secondary method and added a new 'Outlook.com' email and managed to get a verify code.

However, when the verify code was entered she needed to go through some sort of additional approval.
She had to answer a secret question, which she vaguely remembered (she set these things up a long time ago).

Still not happy with that, the account software asked her to supply contact names and some email subject lines.
After she answered that, it still was not happy and demanded more info.

At this point we seemed to be in a loop and could not satisfy the account verifier.

After a few loops we were blocked out for 24 hours.

It was a very frustrating experience and I have no clue how to proceed.

This person has medical emails and other important stuff that she can no longer access.